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.          I was delighted to be able to join this virtual walk around the world. A huge shoutout to Vero from My French Chronicles for putting this all together. We’d love for you to have a look!

My French Chronicles

“As you start to walk on the way, the way appears.”


Saturday… come rain or shine, I’m at the local library. Well, when I say local, I mean the city library – one-hour drive away from home. That’s where I get my weekly fix: people, books, culture, life…

As usual, I bring back what I’ve borrowed the previous week, collect what I’ve reserved, have a look at the magazines, check the sewing and cooking books then take everything up on the 3rd floor, settle at my favourite table to read or write while watching the people around me. If available, we always take the table in the back corner – it’s usually for 1 (in honour of one of the numerous Covid rules) but the lady in charge in this area know the three of us belong to the same family so it’s no big deal if there…

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35 thoughts on “Bloggers with a View – Path”

  1. Yes ‘the rules’ and we have fewer of them here in Australia right now but we sure cannot leave the country either. Sigh. Not that I want to at the rate the rules seem to change again and again. Denyse


    1. Hi, Denyse – Thank you so much for stopping by. We literally cannot leave our homes without new rules daily. Hopefully, this will all become a distant memory. In the meantime, I continue to follow the ‘safe’ rather than ‘sorry’ approach! 😀

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  2. In many ways the limits that are being put on all of us, have resulted in creative projects like this one. Not much solace perhaps, but at least something good is coming from our Covid-19 lifestyle. We’re adapting.

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    1. This is so true, Ally! I have now established, reestablished, or reinforced connections with friends/family who live miles (or continents away). These video connections are now regular parts of my week and make a huge difference. They also include a weekly Zoom cooking session with my niece in Winnipeg and a Classics Bookclub with friends in Australia. Definite silver linings!

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    1. Hi, Erica – I agree. I greatly appreciate the work and leadership that Vero put into compiling this video. I have no idea how this is done, but I believe that she said that she used iMovie. Thanks so much for stopping by. I greatly appreciate it.

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  3. During this pandemic, I have come to appreciate the virtues of being a homebody. What once seemed dull and stodgy now seems like a very good thing. No climbing the walls for those of us who think home is best. 😉 Also, “The Detectorists” is one of my favorite shows.

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    1. Thanks, Pam – I immediately loved this shared walk as well. We ARE all connected. And it was super cool to see which bloggers were currently walking in the snow, and which bloggers were currently walking barefoot in the sand! 😀


  4. Watching the video is like a soothing balm for the wanderlust ache. What fun to have a compilation like that. I’ve never seen it done and I think it’s very effective.
    I think that if we as individuals are sick of the rules, imagine how sick of the rules those that have to enforce them are?


    1. Hi, Sue – I wholeheartedly agree. Definitely ‘balm for the wanderlust soul’! I know that we are all (more than) sick of these extra rules — both giving and receiving — especially when they are constantly changing or applied inconsistently. Deep breath that it’s just a little while longer.

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  5. This was a fabulous way of travelling around with everyone! Love it but still unsure of how to submit videos despite reading V’s post. Maybe I’ve missed something somewhere! Thanks for sharing Donna 🙂


      1. Hi, Sandy – Thank you so much for the clarifications. I truly do not know how I messed this up so wildly! I would love to participate again and have my ‘Market Days’ photos ready. I will send them to you by email and we can chat if you would prefer something different. I am totally flexible. Thank you so much for hosting, and for generously accepting additional bloggers!

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    1. Hi Debbie. It’d be wonderful for you to join the fun. I’m the host for the next vlog collaboration and V will host the following one in March.

      You can find out more about my project “MARKET DAYS” here:

      I am not on Instagram but you can contact me by via the CONTACT button on the post. I will send you a link to Google Drive folder where you can upload your files. OR if you prefer, you can also send them to me via e-mail.

      V’s March project the theme “GOODNESS” and you can contact her directly to send your files.

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