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Festive Bonbon

Friend and fellow blogger, Jo Tracey, went walking early one morning (as she does). Her mind began to fill with all things Christmas (as it does). She began to wonder what others (that would be you) thought about this time of year. She shoulder-tapped Sue, Debbie and me to cohost and the following one-off linkup was born. Below are Jo’s original questions. You can answer one, a few, or all ten.

  1. Christmas Tree – Do you have one? If so, when does it go up? Is there a theme, or is it mismatched?
  2. Christmas Carols – Yes or no? Faves? Traditional or modern?
  3. Christmas Books – Your faves?
  4. Christmas Movies – Again, your faves?
  5. Christmas Cake – Yes or no? (Seriously, is there any choice here?)
  6. Chocolate Nuts or Fruit?
  7. Christmas Traditions?
  8. What’s on your Table?
  9. Christmas Memories?
  10. All I want for Christmas Is?

    If you celebrate a different holiday during this time of year (Hanukkah, Ramadan, Kwanzaa, Omisoka, St. Lucia Day, Winter Soltice…), we would love to hear about your traditions/celebrations/memories.

    However you spend this season, please share. You can link up through your own post using the convenient InLinkz on the bottom of this page. You can also share on Instagram, other social media or via the comments below. Please use #festive_bonbon so that we can find you.

    Striving to use as few words as possible, my answers to Jo’s questions are as follows. You could make your answers as wordy or as succinct as you like. You could even write a novella. Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol in just six weeks (more on that in the next What’s On Your Bookshelf?).

I would love to hear yours.

Speaking of holiday bonbons, this is definitely worth a listen:

Bowie and Bing…Magic!

And this is definitely worth the watch.

I love, love, love this Christmas movie. It’s fun and festive with a fabulous cast. When you’re done watching this, why not head over to view The Man Who Invented Christmas? As tempting as it sometimes is, one cannot live on The Holiday alone.

Oh, and we created another participants’ badge just for this linkup. (Of course we did.) Who doesn’t love badges?! Feel free to copy and share.


While you’re here in the holiday spirit, why not drop over to Friday Friendly Challenge to share some festive treats and traditions. ‘Tis the season!

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111 thoughts on “Festive Bonbon”

  1. I’m late to the party, but I wanted to share a tradition that we used to do, when Iliana was younger (and when we lived on a boat). First, she would sprinkle reindeer feed on the bow of the boat. Then, when Iliana was almost asleep Christmas eve, she would hear a loud thump as Santa’s sleigh landed (conveniently, always right above where she slept). Then she would hear bells as he flew away! She knew to stay in bed, so he could deliver her presents. We also caught Santa on camera (and still do), which confounds her to this day!


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