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Postcards from An Island Walk, Day Five

Day Five: East Point to Basin Head

Distance Walked: 16 km
Terrain and Views:  Stunning beaches, white singing stands, quiet dirt roads, wildlife parade.
Accommodations: Siren’s Beach

Weather Alert: I awoke this morning to Richard reading out today’s weather forecast from his phone. None of it sounded good. In fact, it sounded like a stay-in-bed kinda day.

But Valerie’s breakfast called. And who could resist that? Not us!

So once again, I bundled up in almost all of the clothes that I have in my backpack and we prepared to face the day. We are glad that we did. It was beautiful out there (15C, some wind, some overcast, but not one drop of rain).

Where We Started: Yesterday, working around a creek, Richard and I missed some of the beachfront near the lighthouse. We began there (with me limboing under a fence to get to the correct side). The views were simply breathtaking!

When we left the lighthouse beach area, we didn’t think that our remaining hiking views for today could match these. As you will see, they definitely did!

Animal Parade: First we were treated to an incredible animal/wildlife parade. The foxes especially seemed as curious about us as we were about them. And the cows stood up from their lounging and walked along beside us as far as they could.

Community Feel: One of the things that has most impressed us on this trip has been the strong, genuine community feel. The people whom we have met have quickly felt like old friends, and their pride in their community has shone above all else. Last night, I was contacted by Hèléne, an Island Trails member. She offered to walk part of the trail with us today and to share some local knowledge. Shortly after seeing fox #2, we saw Hèléne on the road to meet us. We walked together for just under an hour. Her warmth, generosity and candidness was greatly appreciated and positively enhanced our hiking experience. Sadly, I did not take a photo of us together.

Bothwell: Shortly after that, we reached Elliott’s General Store in Bothwell. If you need to refill anything in your backpack, this is an awesome place to do so. Behind the store was a trail to what some call ‘Secret Beach.’ With its beautiful white sands, it was a perfect place to eat our lunch before hiking on to Basin Head.

Basin Head: After our lunch, we made our way down the beach to the Fisheries Museum (closed until late June) where we had agreed to meet Sandy. We truly could not have asked for a better hiking day and are so pleased that we hadn’t let the weather forecast deter us this morning .

Tomorrow is the final day of our Island Walk adventure (frown here). We hope that you will continue to join us!

23 thoughts on “Postcards from An Island Walk, Day Five”

  1. What a great post about a stunning day. So glad you got to meet Hélène! And your beach shots are amazing! I spent the day walking with a woman who’s writing an article on the Walk for Travel + Leisure magazine. Stay tuned for that. 🙂

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  2. I’ve missed a day or two of your travelling Donna – I’m also travelling but by far from south to north. My sister and I are in the middle of the Karoo overnighting .so pleased I can show her this delightful working sheep farm and exceedingly comfortable cottages and tender lamb and veg for supper. Your adventure sound marvellous!!

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  3. I love how you have found the time to take us on your walk. Your daily updates have really cheered my day. Thank you for sharing x

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  4. Hi Donna, I’m glad you had a fantastic walk on Day 5. The beaches are stunning and it’s such a treat to see wildlife. Have a wonderful evening and a fabulous Day 6!

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  5. Hi Donna – well met and well walked … ‘well met’ is the phrase for your day five … so pleased you enjoyed the company of wildlife, and new friends … looks an enjoyable time … cheers Hilary

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  6. Donna, you and Richard are back in your element exploring trails on foot. I’m living vicariously through your blogposts. Kudos to you for showcasing Canada although sometimes it may feel like you’re in another country. That’s how I feel when I go to VI. And let’s face it, the Maritimers have a speak all their own and sometimes I’m hard pressed to understand what they’re saying!

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  7. Donna, we have been away for several days and spotty internet service kept me from following your adventure, so it has been fun catching up on all your posts this afternoon. It looks like you have had a satisfying walk through some beautiful scenery in all kinds of weather. The folks there seem to be very attentive and prepared for walkers. Was that anticipated, or is it just a nice surprise? The beach walks are my favorite and I especially enjoyed the photos in this post. Take care.

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