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Postcards from An Island Walk, Day 6

Day 6: Basin Head to Rollo Bay Lookout (Final Walking Day).
Distance Walked: 21.64 km.
Terrain: Several rolling hills.
Scenery: Stunning vistas, easy roadside walking, quiet dirt lanes, beautiful beaches, colourful fields.
Accommodations: Siren’s Beach Motel.

Come join us as Richard and I walk the final 21 km of our Island Walk.
But first let’s grab breakfast at Val’s Boathouse Cafe.
Fueled and nourished, Sandy gives us a ride to Basin Head, where we left off yesterday.
The official Island Walk route suggests turning on Snake Road to the trail. As it is early Sunday morning, we decide to stay on the main road. Rebels, I know!
The roadside walking is easy today and offers colourful fields and quiet dirt lanes.
Within 13 km we reach Souris. This is a beautiful town to explore.
It offers funky buildings,
creative accommodations,
a gorgeous Town Hall,
original fencing,
and a playful sense of humour!
Let’s cross over to the beach and eat our lunches that Val has packed for us.
Today is wraps and veggies. Delicious!
After lunch, we continue along the beach before heading onto the road to Rollo Bay. I’m careful to point out this sign for those who didn’t believe me previously.
The walk to Rollo Bay also offers much to see.
And places to stop along the way.
Like this beautiful, old church,
and ancient graveyard.
As we walk along, the colours continue to pop.
The scenery remains breathtaking.
Rollo Bay promises to be fun for all.
We’re not sure about you, but we feel as though we have walked into a Monet painting.

Rich is delighted to see his name in print.

Not to be outdone, I find mine.

This lookout point just passed Rollo Bay (across from Myriad View Distillery) is our final stop.

We made it! We officially completed 143.36 km on The Island Walk in 6 days. Our shortest distance day was 12.36 km, our longest was 38.08 km, making our average day 23.92.

This is such a flexible walk with so many options it could be easily enjoyed in as many km that work for you. (Sandy is currently helping one of their upcoming guests who are planning to walk 10 km per day.)

To celebrate our completed walk, Richard and I joined Sirus Beach Motel owners, Sandy and Liz, for dinner at nearby Red Neil’s.

Around the table from left to right: Sandy, Liz, Donna (of Red Neil’s), Richard and me.

If you are interested in walking, biking or visiting this area, you can find out more at:

Tomorrow, Richard and I are off to Cape Breton with long time friends. I am officially beginning my full blogging break until early June. While I’m away, I will pop up some pics on Instagram (Retirement Reflections). See you then!

Thank you so much for following along. As our days have been full, I have not been able to respond to comments on previous ‘Postcard Posts.’ Your feedback has been very motivating. I promise to answer all questions and comments on this post. I’d love to hear from you!

68 thoughts on “Postcards from An Island Walk, Day 6”

    1. So glad you’ve enjoyed your Island Walk, Donna. We’ve enjoyed following along with you – the good days, and the windy wet ones too! I hope to meet Sandy and Liz sometime soon and wish you a safe journey to Cape Breton with your friends.


      1. Hi, Bryson – Thank you for your vision and hard work in making The Island Walk a reality. It is a true treasure. Thank you also for all of your support along the way – it has been invaluable!


  1. Congratulations Donna and Richard on completing your Island Walk, another camino on your ‘Done’ list. What a stunning Day 6 you’ve had. A beautiful grand finale! Thank you for the link to the Island Walk and your accommodations. Have a wonderful time in Cape Breton!


  2. Donna your trip has been a joy to follow and I cannot begin to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed it and how I’d love to do it myself one day (when I have my new bionic hip!) This last day was so scenic and colourful – thanks so much for putting in the extra effort to share each day in a post with the rest of us – and enjoy the rest of your holiday. x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Donna – amazingly lovely walk you’ve had … and I think I’d like to do it every six months … or every year – unlikely!, but your photos will remind me of the eastern side of Canada that I need (and hope) to visit sometime. Cape Breton sounds really interesting – enjoy time with your friends – cheers Hilary

    Liked by 1 person

  4. What an interesting variety of unusual structures. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a building with a diagonal entrance.


  5. Hey Donna! Congratulations! You did it although there was never any doubt about that. So nice to follow along with your adventure and hear the happiness in your words. You are definitely in your “happy place” when you are doing camino with Richard. Thanks for taking us all along and I would love to hear your final thoughts on the experience when you get around to it! ~Kathy


  6. Well done to you both Donna! Your photos are superb. Today is the first time I’m on my lap top and have connection (am travelling) so it’s a pleasure to catch up. I’ll just mention this .. I met a friend for coffee this morning – her daughter and son in law left yesterday for Vancouver where they plan to do some hikes .. I’ll send the island link to my friend, she can pass on to her daughter – Liza andConnor de Beer – who knows you may come across them! My friend’s son James lives in Vancouver – James MacRitchie …


  7. A feast here – unusual architecture, colourful fields and water view – with a touch of humour at the petrol station. That sign NZ – is there a back story to that?


    1. Great question, Amanda. All that I could find out is this: New Zealand, Prince Edward Island is located in Kings County in the eastern portion of Prince Edward Island, NW. of Souris. Its precise location is N 46°25′, W 62°19′.
      New Zealand (Sett.) was adopted in Place Names of PEI, 1925. Confirmed 7 January 1947 on 11L/8.Status changed to Locality 23 October 1989 on 203-8.


  8. Hi Donna, I greatly enjoyed the beautiful pictures you shared from this adventure. Yes, stunning vistas! We have not been to PEI for a few decades. Fond memories, and you and Richard share enticing photos and experiences. Cute – sneaking in “Rich” and “Connolly.”❤️


  9. Hi Donna.
    I really enjoyed walking in your shoes, Donna. It looks fabulous and your photos were inspirational. I’ve been on a few walks lately. We’ve had months of rain on the Australian East Coast and while it might be Winter, it’s been sunny and mostly not too chilly. Rather beautiful actually.
    Best wishes,


    1. Hi, Rowena – Thank you so much for stopping by. I’ve been pretty quiet in the blogging world recently. Last week, my mom broke her hip so I am currently in full-time caregiver mode. I plan to join What’s On Your Bookshelf this coming Thursday and gently reenter the blogging world from there.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you very much for reminding me to do a post for What’s On Your Bookshelf. It’s now officially Thursday here.
        Sorry to hear about your Mom and your transition into full caregiver mode. I hope it goes well for your both. Will she be needing a hip replacement?
        Take care and best wishes,


      2. Thanks, Rowena. Mom had her hip replacement last Friday. She is doing as well as she can but it is a very, very long road ahead. Thank you for your kind words. I look forward to seeing you at WOYBS!


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