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What’s Been On Your Calendar?

Thank you to all who have followed our monthly#2022wotylinkparty. If you joined in, we hope this link-up helped you stay accountable to your WOTY or intentions…it certainly did for the four of us.

We still have one more WOTY link-up for 2022, which is scheduled for 29/30 December. Why not finish your WOTY with a flourish?

A New Link-Up Name But Same Time and Place:

For 2023, we will continue a monthly link-up at the same time and place. The difference is that our new link party will be a monthly wrap-up. Here you can share recent highs, lows, activities, hobbies, travel, resolutions, and challenges. If you wish, you may still use this space to let us know how your WOTY or intentions have been going — any monthly wrap-up items you’d like to include will be welcome.

Dates for Your Diary:

This link-up with begin in January 2023. It will take place on the last Thursday of each month at 2 pm PST (3 pm during daylight savings time) or the last Friday of each month at 8 am AEST.

• January 26/27,
• February 23/24,
• March 30/31,
• April 27/28,
• May 25/26,
• June 29/30,
• July 27/28,
• Aug 32/Sept 1*,
• Sept. 28/29,
• Oct 26/27,
• Nov. 30/Dec 1*,
• Dec.28/29.
(The August and November Link-ups will take place on the 1st of the following month for the Southern Hemisphere).

Come Join Us!

We look forward to your contributions. To express our gratitude, contributors are welcome to display this badge on their blogs, websites or social media channels.


What’s Been On Your Calendar, #WBOYC
What: 2023 Monthly Wrap-Up Link Party.
When: Last Thursday PM (Northern Hemisphere)/ Last Friday AM (Southern Hemisphere). The link will be open for three days each month.
Why: A space to share highlights from your past month.
Where: Link Party, Blog, Blog Comments, Instagram or other social media.
Who: This link-up is open to everyone.
How: You can share in the comments, with a blog post, or on other social media of your choice. Include the hashtag #WBOYC so we can find you.

Questions or feedback? Please do not hesitate to give us a shout!

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48 thoughts on “What’s Been On Your Calendar?”

    1. Hi, Laurie – Thank you for stopping by. I agree that your books should be your first priorty. If you ever have a free moment and want to use this space to share a book that you have published, or anything at all, you are very welcome to do so.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. This looks fun and thank you for hosting another great link-up in 2023, Donna. I just commented on Debbie’s post that I might miss the last WOTY due to travel and holidays, but I am hosting Sunday Stills Year in Review on January 1. I appreciate the heads-up planning 🙂


  2. An intriguing title, Donna. It seems as if many bloggers already do a monthly wrap-up and this is a forum for sharing a good idea. Your “Northern Hemisphere” and “Southern Hemisphere” make me smile. Something we definitely now think about with friends all over our planet. 😀Thank you for the clear and concise description. I look forward to ‘seeing you’ soon. 💕


  3. Sounds great Donna – I’ll be linking if my post is live by the time of your party – unfortunately a lot of times the party rolls around earlier than my end of month post and I miss out. The dates that hit the very end of the months will probably be a great fit. It sounds like a fun party. Enjoy xx


  4. Ooh this sounds fun. I shall write the dates up in my diary and try to be organised! 😂 Thank you to all four of you for setting this link party up. I’ve really enjoyed joining in this year and it’s really helped me to be a bit more consistent with my blogging. Thank you again xx


    1. Hi, Janine – I’m happy that you can join us. I agree that challenges can help us be a bit more consisten with our blogging. ln my case, I may have dropped off completely if it were not for these commitments! I’m grateful to them for keeping me connected


  5. Hi Donna – in my eclectic way I will probably join in – erratic to the core and probably not completely in tune, or on time … my way I think … I love the badge – that grabbed me! But yes as Erica’s comment rings true – we all live around the world, up or down … over there, or here … or we’ve probably been there and are now wordly and crinkly – but live life! cheers – see you around … Hilary


  6. Hey Donna, this sounds great! Not as limiting as WOTY (but that can certainly be included in the wrap up!). I look forward to reading about everyone’s months in 2023. I may join in the fun from time to time.



    1. Hi, Ally – This is a catch-up monthly link-up for people to share highlights of what’s been on their calendars that past month. Participants can share can share recent highs, lows, activities, hobbies, travel, resolutions, challenges that recently happened for them. As not everyone has a WOTY we thought we would branch out further this year. Hope this helps!


  7. I love this idea, Donna. I haven’t done so well blogging about my 2022 WOTY (Connected), but I have kept the word in the forefront of my mind in other ways. Perhaps I’ll be more consistent with a monthly wrap-up. Thanks for hosting! I truly can’t believe we are talking about 2023 already.


  8. Hi Donna, Looks like you guys are into name-changing, too. I like it. You have done well with What’s on… challenges!

    I have the same problem as many of your readers – I miss the deadline because I’m not organized enough. I smiled at Leanne’s comment. That is me exactly! I will do a review, but it might come on the third or fourth of the next month – too late. It’s great that you have published a calendar. I’m going to add it to my blogging calendar, but first I’ve got to create an online version. LOL – a good activity for a curator!

    I loved doing the WOTY this year even when I didn’t connect. The end-of-the-month review also goes well with Ju-Lyn and Bush Boy’s The Changing Season event. Here is her November post.

    She may already link-up with you all. I also offer WOTY/Month Review as an option for WQ.

    My goal this year is to link my WQ post more often, but not to write so many posts – unless I do squares with Becky B.

    BTW, is your book club open to outsiders?

    Thanks for all you, Deb, Sue, and Jo do for the blogging world.


    1. Hi, Marsha – Thank you for this very kind and thoughtful comment. Our apoligies about the tight InLinkz deadline for WOYBS and WBOYC. We try to ensure that the four of us can reply to everyone who has linked up so the deadlines help make this doable. If you miss any of the deadlines, you are very welcome to add your link with your comment. I will definitely respond (she says with confidence) 😀 Thank you for including the link to Changing Seasons. I regularly follow Ju-Lyn’s posts and love what she has to say. Unfortunately, my three bookclub groups are all at maximum capacity. Leslie Clingham (Happily Ever After) runs an online book club group, Come Read With Me. I believe that she is currently open to new members. I’m looking forward to continue following your writing.<3

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Great, thanks for this information. I’ll let Gary know because we have briefly discussed hosting one but I’d rather not, and he feels the same way. But they sound like such fun. I enjoyed Trent and Yvette’s reading and discussing The Bleak House last year.

        Liked by 1 person

  9. With the dates published ahead of time maybe I could be organized enough? But here’s the thing I’ve figured out – I write when the words and thoughts flow into form. So I may or may not be there but for sure will follow along with those that link up. Bernie


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