Welcome, Old Blogspot Posts

I’ve recently moved my blog over from WP.org (self-hosted) to WP.com (Personal Plan) and couldn’t be happier. The peace-of-mind alone has been well worth the effort spent in making the switch.

I just came across Mike Nelson’s post about his recent blog platform change. Some blogs that I follow currently use Blogspot. I know that many of them have never experienced a single technical problem (something of which I could only dream)! Still, Mike’s post gave me pause. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic (as I know Mike would as well).

Colin Michael Lucien Jonathan Nelson's Blog

Today, I finally brought my old Blogspot blog’s posts, cmljnelson.blogspot.com, over to my WordPress.com blog, cmljnelson.wordpress.com. I’m pretty happy with how it went, so I thought I’d share why and how I did it. Also, my blog’s timeline now looks weird, with about a 5 year gap of zero blog posts, so I thought I should explain that.

Why I was on Blogspot to Begin With

I was taking a Computer Science class at BYU which required us to have a blog. There was no required technology, but we just needed to have a public blog and use it. That was actually a very good idea, in my opinion. I forced us to “get with it”- not just understanding how to code, but understanding the culture and trends. One of which is blogging. I’ve found blogging helpful, like keeping a good journal. Except it’s searchable. And I get to share…

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