We Are the World Blogfest: RCMP Puppy Spreads Pre-Easter Cheer

The news article was simple. Only 103 words plus video. Its message was timely…and hopefully contagious. Earlier this week, Lily, a police dog in training, visited Eagle Park Seniors’ Residence in Qualicum Beach (on Vancouver Island, BC). Her first official police assignment? To spread pre-Easter cheer. Lily (a bit of a goofball) was joined by her RCMP colleagues who wore their full Red Serge uniforms.

The video says it all. Great pleasures were gained by such a simple act of thoughtfulness. Not only was 10-week old Lily adorable, the RCMP Constables also handed out chocolate!

The video (only 55 seconds long), makes me smile every time I watch it.

Each day we have a myriad of opportunities to share kindness with others. In her exuberance, Lily has demonstrated how much joy one simple action can bring. Regardless of our individual beliefs, the holidays provide a perfect time to send a card, share a kind word, give to others or simply make someone smile. What act(s) of thoughtfulness or generosity have you witnessed recently?

We Are The World“We Are the World Blogfest” seeks to promote positive news of all kinds. The goal in sharing these stories is to highlight the goodness that exists all around us. The motto of #WATWB is “In Darkness, Be Light….”

49 Replies to “We Are the World Blogfest: RCMP Puppy Spreads Pre-Easter Cheer”

  1. Hi Donna, what an uplifting story and we certainly could do with more positive messages such as this. At the aged care home where my MIL lives, each Tuesday the residents are visited by Bella, a Labrador. Sometimes they all have morning tea together. Animals can play such an important role with the elderly. my MIL crocheted Bella a coat for Christmas and has a photo of Bella wearing it on her wall. Xx


  2. Puppies and police – what a fantastic combo to spread good cheer, Donna. I stopped by my son’s house this week and Lottie, the family golden doodle who is also a puppy, ran to greet me. When I didn’t follow her lead to play as much as she wanted she put a dog toy in my purse. I didn’t see it until I was ready to leave and how I laughed! She knew she had to be creative to get me to stop and play. And it worked!


  3. Their smiles tell it all, don’t they? What a great idea. My 92 year old aunt was in an assisted living that used dog therapy. The residents loved it and they always looked forward to the visits. Thanks for sharing, Donna!


  4. Thanks, Donna, for sharing a heart warming story. When I was in Chile, the stray dogs kept me company. They just followed me, sometimes for several blocks, and were well-behaved.


    1. Hi, Natalie – Although I consider myself a ‘dog person’, have had dogs in my home for over 18 years, and walk all types of dogs at our local animal shelter…I am still quite nervous of stray dogs in foreign lands. I admire your comfort level in enjoying the company that the stray dogs provided. I definitely need to relax as bit more in that regard!


    1. Hi, Karen – I haven’t intentionally watched the news for years. Alas, our current home has an open concept kitchen/family room (which is another way to say that our TV is in our kitchen). With Richard being a news-junkie….I have heard more news in the past 2.5 years than I heard for fifteen years before that. I’m not proud of this…but Richard loves to have someone close by to debate current events with so there’s a silver lining!


  5. That’s a cute, warm-hearted story, Donna. I love dogs so much. We recently had to re-home our kittens, which was sad. But I’ve always been a dog man, and someday I hope we can get one. Thanks for sharing that.


  6. I like Lily! So much positive energy in a cute package. As for witnessing acts of thoughtfulness or generosity I’m getting to the point where I think it’s more the things that people don’t say or do that are the most thoughtful and generous. Can’t exactly witness them, but you sense that one just happened.


    1. Happy Easter, Ally – Thank you for sharing this point about positive restraint. We are currently babysitting our Granddog for the weekend (she is a bit of a Juvenile Delinquent). Richard and I were very grateful for all of the strangers who smiled patiently at some of her antics. Silence can be golden!


  7. Oh, this is so sweet, Donna! Dogs and cats are so appreciated at nursing homes! Just petting a pup creates positive energy in those who caress them. Not sure if the nursing home my mom is in has had animals brought in, but I know petting and playing with the dogs would do her so much good after all the years she spent caring for and raising her beloved collies. It would bring her such wonderful memories! Glad to see this happening!


  8. I’m looking forward to a good news story each day for the next month. We certainly need some at the moment.

    I would love to have a dog but not with the amount of travelling we do. I have in my mind that one day when I am less mobile I will compensate by having a dog. Then I couldn’t take him/her for walks so I’d better stay active.


    1. Hi, Linda – Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. Although my husband and I consider ourselves to be HUGE dog people, we currently do not have a dog (or cat…or even a goldfish) in our home for the same reasons as you. This weekend we have been dog-sitting our son’s malamute (Nala). We have been reminded of what a big commitment pet-care can be. I’m off to visit your site now.


  9. Lily sure is a cutie! I’m sure this video, and the event, put smiles on many people’s face, including mine. 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Donna!

    This Easter weekend was special for us. One the one hand, there was a demanding customer, expecting a phone call on Easter Sunday (nothing new here), but, on the other – and better – hand, we had sailing friends visit, who we hadn’t seen in seven years! They were incredibly generous (they might think we were generous to them as well :-)), and we had the best of times. It had been a while. Today, it’s back to work, though.


    1. Hi, Liesbet – I am so happy to hear that you had a wonderful weekend with long-time friends. To me, there is no better way to spend a holiday than with friends/family. Any chance that you will be in California this October or November? If so (even at the last minute), please let me know so that we can meet up again!


  10. It would be so nice to meet up again, Donna. But, thinking about the fall is impossible right now. Way too far ahead. 🙂 We are playing with the idea of visiting the Pacific Northwest during the summer, though, so, if that materializes, we will do our best to swing by Vancouver Island. 🙂


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