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A to Z Challenge: Day Twelve – “L”

‘L’ is for ‘Lasting Friendships.’

I previously mentioned that one of our reasons for visiting Boston was to visit our friends, Rena and Howard. I first met Rena eleven years ago when we were both administrators at The Western Academy of Beijing. On one of my first informal chats with Rena, I mentioned that a previous High School Principal had tripped and fallen at a local restaurant…and ended up soaking wet in the Koi Fish Pond (no fish or Principals were injured).

On our first dinner together, Rena showed up looking like this:



I knew right then and there that I would love her!

We are all having dinner together tonight. I wonder if she will remember her scuba gear?

Stay tuned for more mini-postcards from Boston this week (including one from Fenway Park and another from the Boston Marathon)!

36 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge: Day Twelve – “L””

    1. Hi, Karen – I’m not sure about the laughing yoga, but Rena and Howard are definitely fun to be around. Their warmth, caring and positive natures shine through so much that you cannot help but to relax into the joys of life.


    1. Hi, Jill – It is wonderful to be around people whose laughter and joy of life are contagious. Another thing that I love about retirement is that I more regularly get to choose how I spend my time, and who I spend it with.


  1. Hello I am visiting from the A2Z Challenge. I can tell that Rena is a thoughtful friend. I say that because she apparently is a good listener. She obviously paid attention to your story. What a fun post!


    1. Hi, Lynda – Thank you so much for dropping by — especially with such an insightful comment. Rena is an amazing listener. I agree that the essential trait that makes her admired by so many! I will be off to visit your site shortly.


  2. I love people like that! They don’t take themselves too seriously and they share their laughter with others. Have fun with your friend tonight!


  3. So fun! That picture says it all. Friendships make all the other craziness worthwhile, don’t they. I read somewhere that good friends double the joy and half the sorrow. Congratulations on your A-Z Challenge progress! Enjoy Boston!


  4. What a lovely story Donna of lasting friendships. For several reasons I cut myself off from many friends when I moved. Fortunately, I reconnected after 20 odd years and it was like we had always been in touch. That is true friendship, when you don’t have to be in touch constantly but just pick up where you left off. I’m enjoying your postcards – another creative idea of yours! Enjoy! xx


  5. Rena looks like she’d be a lot of fun to hang out with! Lasting friendships are wonderful to have. Shared your post x 4 ♥


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