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A to Z Challenge: Day Thirteen – “M”

‘M’ is for ‘Massachusetts.’

I’ve promised to send you mini-postcards from Massachusetts. Here are some pics from our first 24 hours. We spent Thursday evening and Friday morning catching up, eating and lingering in Rena and Howard’s wonderful kitchen.

Friday afternoon was spent exploring Minute Man National Park.



Here we ran into a man named John Muresianu, from the Education First Party. John is running for the US Senate and offered to sing for us in any language. We suggested Mandarin. Click here to listen to John’s version of ‘Thoughts On A Quiet Night,’ by Li Bai. Not to be outdone by John (or Benjamin, in the ‘Red Coat’) Richard also joined in on the fun. Adding to our ‘M’ words, a Muscovy Duck graced us with a visit.



In the evening, Rena and Howard’s friends, Chris and Peggy, joined us for dinner. The food was mouth-watering, and the conversation left me wanting more (which truly speaks volumes)!

Next up on this ‘A to Z Challenge’…’N’ stands for ‘Number.’ Please stay tuned!

46 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge: Day Thirteen – “M””

  1. A lovely slice of life in Massachusetts Donna thank you. There’s that ear worm of that song playing in my head – was it the Momma’s and Poppa’s song? I was going to listen to that grand man singing but am distracted by the ear worm –


  2. I am sure you wasted no time at all getting into some marvelous memories in conversations with your longtime friends. Isn’t it wonderful to be able to fly from one spot in the world to another and to meet up and reminisce?


  3. Love all the M’s highlighted. I’ve always loved alliteration and its so fun to see you play with it this month. Looking forward to lots of New things in the “N’s”.


  4. Enjoy many more magic moments in Massachusetts, my memorable mfriend! MA is our state of residence, for good or for bad. Hope the weather is treating you all right!


    1. Hi, Liesbet -Maintaining the ‘M’ theme, the Boston weather has been very mixed since we have been here. Sunny yesterday, cloudy today, predicted snow tomorrow, and rain predicted for Monday (Marathon Day). At least it is never boring! 🙂


  5. that was a fun read- wonder how much more Mandarin he knows?
    I once found an English-Mandarin dictionary for a young Vietnamese man who noticed I had one when I went to teach English to his wife
    A-Z Visitor


    1. Hi, Zannie – My guess is that that may be the extend of John’s Manadarin. He was busily singing songs in any language requested (Dutch, German and Portuguese while we were there), so I was very impressed! Thank you for stopping by. I greatly appreciate it!


  6. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. I love the mini-postcards. Rena’s snorkel pic from the previous post was hysterical. Sorry, I could not connect to the song. Owner/operator issue for sure. Maybe one of my kids can hook me up.


    1. Thanks, Laura – The mini-postcards were fun and challenging. Most days and/or events turned out differently than I had imagined that they would. (e.g. who would have guessed an entire day of cold, NON-STOP rain?) We are now back home….and trying to remember our typical routines.


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