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A to Z Challenge: Day Twenty-Three – “W”

‘W’ is for ‘We Are the World Blogfest’…and ‘Lessons Learned at the Wellness Spa!’



Today, I have combined my ‘A to Z Challenge’ post with my ‘We Are the World Blogfest’ post. At the time of going live, It was Thursday, April 26 on Vancouver Island. But, it was already 3 am on the last  Friday of the month, on Christmas Island.  Thus, I’ve met the ‘publication guidelines’ for both link-ups!

Our local island newspaper is my exclusive ‘go to’ source of good news for my #WATWB series. Combining ‘island pride’ with community stories that make you ‘feel-good –right-down-to-your-toes’ just seem to go together.

Last month, an ‘unconventional’ good news story caught my attention. Immediately, I knew that this article, “After 15 years, Grotto Spa Has It All Figured Out” (PQB News, March 11, 2018), deserved a place in this Blogfest.

I have been to The Grotto Spa previously, and quickly began to devour the article. Within seconds, I became swept away into a dreamlike trance. It wasn’t just the fact that this resort has been named #1 Spa in Canada as well as #1 Ocean Spa Experience in North America (insert more Island pride here). Nor was it the fact that in this world of tranquil relaxation, no personal mobile phones/tablets/laptops or loud voices are permitted (ditto for clothes and shoes…everyone is dressed in comfy robes and slippers). It wasn’t even the decadent tales of the Grotto Mineral Pool or its endless supply of drinks and Tree Top Tapas that filled me with tranquil bliss.

What immediately lulled me into a chilled out state was the language used. Phrases like “Crystal Spa Escape,” “Relaxation Lounge,” and “Infused Water with Strawberry or Lemon” completely mesmerized me. Reading that patrons are “ensconced in warm blankets” after bathing in “thermal minerals extracted from the legendary Sarvar Springs in Hungary” further enhanced the seduction. By the time the article ended with “Glacial Revitalizing Mist” and “Eminence Organic Cinnamon Kiss Lip Plumper” my mind and body were total mush.

Will a visit to the spa contribute to world peace? Perhaps not. But if we each committed to self-care, and took the time to find simple ways to soothe our souls, wouldn’t that better prepare us to combat darkness and negativity? And the good news is, our self-care needn’t be as decadent as attending a spa. Meditation, a warm bath, a good book, a walk in nature or a temporary digital sabbatical might also help calm the mind. The list is endless. (Even just reading the spa article totally relaxed my body and spirit!) We each need to decide what is right for us individually, then make the time and commitment to practice forgiveness and compassion, beginning with ourselves. If we have never experienced our own kindness, how can we share this with others?

The PQB News article used for this post is currently unavailable online. This write-up has not been sponsored by Grotto Spa in any way. The spa’s 34-second video may help you better visualize their tranquil, self-care atmosphere.

We Are The World“We Are the World Blogfest” seeks to promote positive news stories. The goal in sharing these stories is to highlight the goodness that exists all around us. The motto of #WATWB is “In Darkness, Be Light….”

40 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge: Day Twenty-Three – “W””

  1. Perhaps if we all committed to “no personal mobile phones/tablets/laptops or loud voices are permitted (ditto for clothes and shoes…everyone is dressed in comfy robes and slippers)” the world would be a much better place. I think I’d like to live in that world 🙂

    Leanne | http://www.crestingthehill.com.au
    W for When You Lose


    1. Hi, Susan – That’s two comments in a row now that have made me giggle!
      Thank you for persevering with this entry. All three attempts went into my spam folder.
      It’s totally not you, it’s me. I experimented with a new comment plugin that totally ticked off my Jetpack.
      Even though I have now removed the plugin, cleared my history, shut down and restarted…..Jet Pack is still miffed.
      Hopefully, it will get over it soon!


      1. Thanks Donna – I think in part on my side – a big blip that with help long distance by my son (also clearing history, other stuff last night) things seem ok now – except that I can’t get into my own blog to make a new one for X and the WATWB ..but it’s too early the morning for me to ask for more help .. the world is asleep this side – public holiday today – 24 years since Mr Mandela was elected –


      2. no, not combining – Donna I just commented back to you on my own W post but the ruddy gremlins prevented my own comment on my own blog – so just to let you know. Amazing re commenting at same time 🙂


  2. A spa sounds wonderful. I could use a good massage and a warm blanket! You may know that I go to pottery. One of the things I love about it is that when you are throwing your mind is focussed just on what you are trying to do. The rest of the world fades away. I love it!


  3. I would love to go to a spa retreat Donna just to escape the world for a while. I’ve joined Mindful in May which is a guided daily meditation each day in May. As you know I’m a great believer in self-care and this spa sounds perfect. We have some in Northern NSW which are like retreats for weekends. No technology sounds wonderful doesn’t it? Although, if I didn’t have it I wouldn’t have met you! Have a lovely weekend and only 3 to go for AtoZ xx


    1. Hi, Sue – ‘Mindful in May’ sounds wonderful. Please keep us posted on how it goes. I agree that technology has its place, as do ‘screen free breaks’. Three to go, plus Reflection Post. The end is in sight!


  4. Hi Donna, I like the motto “In darkness, be light” as it seems fitting with what happened in Toronto on Monday. The Grotto Spa sounds wonderful. I should add it to my list for when I get to visit Vancouver Island.


  5. This sounds like a great place to visit Donna. Thanks for the reminder I have to book the spa in Iceland for when we visit in June!! Off to do it now and feeling quite good about it after reading your post 🙂


    1. Hi, Emily – Thank you so much for dropping by. You were very courageous (and successful) in combining your #WATWB post with your ‘X’ post. I just dropped by your site and greatly enjoyed it. (I was an expat in Beijing for 14 years). I have included a link to your blog on my X-post for tomorrow.


  6. Spas creep me out. I’m all about slowing down, taking responsibility for my body and soul, sending positive thoughts out into the world BUT must I do it in a rented bathrobe surrounded by smelly stuff and strangers? I think not.

    Just saying… no disrespect intended…


  7. The hot springs we visited a little while ago, asked for soft voices as well. Nice and tranquil. As Mark and I are away on a long weekend right now, we hoped to not spend much time online as well. We’ve been doing well, in general. Yet, here I am reading your blog and commenting! But, Mark is driving and I’m just the passenger for the next four hours! Good excuse, right? 🙂


      1. Thanks, Donna. FYI, we had our WordPress websites hacked last Sunday. I saw some comments about issues on your website, but it might not be related. Blue Host would be able to tell you if any files are corrupted.


      2. Mark compared files from back-ups for The Wirie and Roaming About hours on end at night (eight in total, I believe), and deleted the corrupt ones. He thinks it’s all fixed, but you can never tell for sure. Something might still linger and cause havoc in the future.

        He received an email from Google that an admin was accessing website files through Blue Host. That alarmed him, as he is the only one with access to those files, and he called Blue Host immediately. They stopped all access and disabled our sites, until he got everything fixed.


  8. Fun feel-good post (and double win for double challenge posting coverage). I think the spa sounds great, radical self-care is fabulously under-rated, and every little leaning into peace is a good thing. I confess though, I found the spa crossing photo a bit creepy – like an outtake from a zombie movie. 🙂


    1. Hi, Deborah – Too funny about the spa photo. Now that you mention it, it can be interpreted as having a “creepy” edge to it!
      I was pleased to have a blog theme that allowed me to do “two-fer.” I am off to your site now.


  9. I sometimes think that if more people shut down once in awhile, the world would be a more peaceful place. I’m as linked as anyone else, but the times I’ve disconnected have been rejuvenating.


    1. Hi, Lynda – Thank you so much for stopping by. I agree with you. So many of us are running around ‘hyper-charged.’ Being kind to ourselves, and taking a break from the pressure now and then, could spark positive results!


  10. Thanks for sharing this and being part of our WATWB. It’s so good to take time out to chill and unplug. If only we were able to do so more often. Sounds like you may return to Grotto Spa.


    1. Hi, Simon – Thank you so much for stopping by. Thank you also for co-hosting #WATWB. I always look forward to participating in this Link Up.
      And absolutely…I would love a return visit to the Grotto Spa! 🙂


  11. My kids treated me to a visit to The Grotto Spa as a 60th birthday present. It was a wonderful gift, and the best part of all was enjoying it with them.



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