Put Your Gratitude in Writing!

Guest Post on Kathy Gottberg’s Smart Living 365

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28 thoughts on “Put Your Gratitude in Writing!”

  1. So interesting and thank you for the research. Recently in my journal writing I’ve been adding things or experiences for which I’m grateful and the lens widens every time. For me it’s now a daily practice – actually I must complete this lovely task now. Thank you Kathy for having Donna along for the ride. I’m grateful to read this and that it is affirmed by research. I’m perfectly convinced that noting, paying attention, and putting it into words makes it a little more concrete and real and aids greatly in appreciating what is. Maybe this kind of excercise aids in ability to reflect –


    1. Hi, Susan – Thank you for reading, commenting and sharing your own experiences. The research in this area is truly fascinating. I am glad that you are journal writing daily. I’ve been trying to find ways to write my gratitude daily in a way that is sustainable for me. I’ll keep you posted on this!

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  2. Hi Donna sometimes I feel that the concept of being thankful or grateful has become a cliche because it is written about so often. However I do believe it is vital to take time and reflect on all the good in our lives. I was interested to read about the research findings and will pop over to Kathy’s blog to read your article in full. Have a beautiful weekend xx

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    1. Hi, Sue – Great minds think alike, as do great friends. That’s the key reason that I focused on this area for my Guest Post for Kathy. I found this particular research fascinating. I hope that you do too! Let me know what you think. I’ll be curious to know.


  3. I love hearing about this research. I’m good at listing things in my head that I’m grateful for, but I’m not so good about writing them down (and I consider myself a writer! ha ha ). I think I’m going to add this writing exercise to my repertoire, thanks to your inspiring piece. I knew a lot of this; I just needed a little nudge, or if I were honest, a kick in the butt. Hee Hee.

    Thanks Donna!


    1. Hi, Susan -I believe that all of the positive words of gratitude that you express in your blog and in your comments count deeply as well. So you may be further along in this regard than you think.
      My exercise routine has slipped dramatically since I’ve been back home. I may need an emergency stay in Sun City! 🙂

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      1. OMG, it took the observations and insights from another empathetic human being (YOU!) to slap me with cold water (metaphorically 😂) and give me a reality check. You are right – I do express written words of gratitude in my blog. Silly me! But it goes to show that us type A’s never think we are doing enough. I would still like to get into a daily habit of writing a small, manageable gratitude list (maybe I will approach it in small manageable bits , such as focusing on 3 things! I like to have a feeling of accomplishment and simply writing 3 things might be therapeutic.

        And, as I write this it just occurred to me that when I was experiencing a rather lonely time up here in Northern California away from the desert and my husband, I started writing a little daily log of the wonderful things that happened during the day showing me that either I was not alone and/or my life had meaning and purpose even through the most “mundane” moments.

        So you are probably right … I’m probably doing okay and shouldn’t stress over it ha ha. 😂

        Often during winter, exercise takes a back seat so go easy on yourself too! Having said that, SCPD misses you!

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  4. Hi Donna, an interesting and thought-provoking post. I agree with some of the above comments, where the concept of Gratitude sometimes feels overdone, or even mechanical (even though, I still practise it in it’s many forms, daily). I was not aware on how the act of writing our appreciation affects our brains. Thank you for making me think differently. 🙂

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    1. Hi, Erica – I completely agree with you and Sue on how writings and thoughts on Gratitude can be overwhelming and simply overdone. That’s what inspired me to read a bit more about the science behind this. I’m glad that I did. As you mentioned, that research made me think differently. It also encouraged me to refine and strengthen my own gratitude practice which has made a definite difference. Thank you for reading and commenting. I greatly appreciate it.

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  5. I ducked over and had a read – great post…really thought provoking. I’m grateful that I read it at a time when I needed to read it. No pun intended.


  6. Hi Donna – not sure if you’re posting again before Christmas so just wanted to pop back and wish you a wonderful Christmas and New Year and to say thanks so much for your friendship and support through the year – you are a fantastic example of what a Midlife tribe member is all about xxxx


    1. Hi, Leanne – Thank you so much for stopping by with this wonderful comment. I greatly appreciate your kind words and your incredible friendship. I am hoping to do a small post before Christmas. Like most others, Richard and I have been involved in non-stop holiday celebrations, and now have non-stop family visiting for the next two weeks. Fingers crossed that I can pull off a “midnight post” sometime before the 25th!


  7. I’m on my way over there now, Donna. I find this particularly interesting, because I used to keep a gratitude journal, but more recently I’ve been doing gratitude “prayers.” I may want to go back to written. We’ll see! 🙂


  8. Hi Donna,
    I was so intrigued by the info in this post that I referenced it in my lastest one…with a link over to both your blog and to Kathy’s…hope this is ok!

    You guys give me such a high bar to reach for!


  9. Hi Donna and Kathy, it’s great to see you both talking about gratitude! I am often blown away with your abilities and the research you do for posts Donna, and this post combines both of these. Your descriptions and explanations show clearly that the actual act of writing things down does help our well being. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts and and am grateful to have you as a blogging friend. I love Leanne’s idea of a gratitude jar, we had something similar at work and deposited thankful notes throughout the year. At our Christmas lunch we would read through the notes and enjoy the events all over again!! Thanks again for your posts. Happy New Year to you 🙂

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