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Dear Blog A. Claus…I Can Explain

Honestly, I can!

Since I began blogging, I have diligently published an average of one post every six days (not including Guest Posts, 30-Day Challenges or Blogging Breaks). I even began a new series to help keep me focused So, why the recent gaps in my writing and blog reading?

It was partly because of the abundance of activities this time of year…



Especially the holiday parties…



Holiday eating and drinking definitely factored in as well.



As did trying to get a head start on my Book Club Reading Lists…



Whenever there were unexpected stretches of sun, I instantly ran outdoors. You wouldn’t have wanted me to miss those!



This all cumulated in meeting up with family….which was absolutely THE BEST…with more to follow!



You must admit, Santa (or Blog A.), these are all very good reasons. I did TRY to read as many of my regular blog subscriptions as I could…until I sadly lost the plot on that as well. Although I haven’t written a post in 24 days prior to this one, I was saved by my recent guest post, which I shamelessly reblogged on this site!

So before you start wrapping that lump of coal, please know that I did my best. And, I promise an extra home-baked cookie for you under the tree!

Wishing everyone a very safe, warm and happy holiday season!  See you next year!


63 thoughts on “Dear Blog A. Claus…I Can Explain”

  1. It’s ok to take a break! Holidays too can be full of activities, is it not?
    The air pleasant with the fragrance of festivities.
    Wish you and everyone near and dear to you a Merry Christmas! 🙂

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    1. Our blogs really do become reflections of our personalities. In my case, I am typically “all in” or “all out”! Balance will be a great goal for me in the coming New Year! Wishing you a fantastic 2019 filled with much travel and adventure!


  2. There is so much going on in December, the socializing with family and good friends is the best part. I would say you have your priorities right 🙂

    Merry Christmas, Donna! I’m sure you will be working hard to squeeze every bit of joy out of this festive season that you can!! 🙂


  3. If you have family nearby to socialize with, do it! My family is nearby the the kids are across the country. Fun stuff takes precedence. You can write when the weather and activities run out! Have a great holiday!


  4. Actually, this was worth the wait! I loved all the photos and the creative explanation that you wound around your “excuses.” Your readers will forgive you, because guess what, our lives have looked like that too! We are abundantly blessed.

    See you in 2019! Stay merry 🙂


  5. This blog is just another reason you inspire me, Donna. You are relatable (not trying take away from “Ellen”🙂). As a new blogger I have looked to you and other bloggers on finding my way. I am realizing there is no right or wrong timing of posts, topics, length of story, photos, or no photos………it’s your story. And if life gets in the way, that’s a good thing…… are accumulating more stories. Cute photos of the toddler…..many friends…….an abundance of books to read…….it looks like you have the ingredients for a wonderful 2019! Wishing you and your loved ones the best!

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    1. Thanks for these wise words, Erica. It took me a long time to realize that there is no single recipe for a healthy blog….other than being one’s self and letting the blogger’s personality shine through. I greatly appreciate you joining in. I look forward to meeting you in person one day soon.

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      1. I like your words “healthy blog”. This can be interpreted in many wonderful, individual ways. And yes, Donna, I look forward to meeting you in the real world one day soon🙂


  6. I remember when I began blogging I was very diligent about posting on a regular basis. I have since learned that for me, I cannot let getting out in nature and spending time with friends take a back seat. We will all be here whenever you have the time to post. Merry Christmas!

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  7. Life is a good thing to get in the way! Especially when it is fun stuff for the mind body and soul…blogging is an enjoyment for you , not a job that you must produce or else. We all enjoy the reads when they come and you should never feel pressured to produce. Enjoy the holiday season with family and friends and we will see you in print in the new year, refreshed! Merry Christmas

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  8. What a delightful post…and you have excellent reasons (Santa, are you listening…) for a blogging absence.
    Thanks again for all your support…Happiest of Holidays!


    1. Hi, Janet – It’s been an extra fast pace — and a wonderfully rich and full time with family. I have been trying to soak up every little bit of it! I’m glad to read in your posts that you have also been enjoying your holidays.
      I look forward to continuing to follow your adventures in the New Year.

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  9. It gets real quiet on wordpress during the holidays, Donna! This is my last one to read until later this week. Too much precious time here in San Diego needs to be spent with my family. Enjoy your break, busy woman, and savor every moment with your lovely family. I may not be back until mid January myself. Merry Christmas if I haven’t already wished you so 🎄♥️


  10. I did notice your absence from the blogosphere – but when I see what a fabulous time you’ve been having, I can’t blame you for choosing real life over online life! Have a wonderful Christmas – thank you again for all your lovely comments and support throughout the year – that’s why we keep coming back isn’t it? xxx


    1. Hi, Leanne – It feels nice to be missed! Even my youngest son mentioned that he noticed I had not been blogging much in December. Now, that’s really saying something! I look forward to following your thoughts and adventures in 2019.


  11. I think Santa forgives you. I do. 🙂 This time of the year is probably the busiest for everybody. Jealous of all the holiday parties and family time! Mark and I are at the opposite spectrum… getting a lot of work in and spending as little money as possible. What’s life without a good challenge?

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  12. No lump of coal for you! As always, life comes before our blogs and it’s always good to take a break. Looks like you had a great time in those 24 days ♥


  13. Totally with you on this one, Donna. I am always relieved after I press the “PUBLISH” button on a post because it means I don’t have to think about one for a while. Then, as it is happening currently, the realization hits me once again that I’m due for a new one. And so it goes…

    Happy Holidays! – Marty


  14. I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas with your family, Donna! Rob and I have been having such a great time visiting our family and friends, starting with some in parts of southern BC, and now we are happily enjoying Christmas with our northern grandchildren. All the best of the season.



  15. It’s always fun to have a peek into your busy life Donna and this was great fun to read! I hope you have enjoyed your Christmas festivities and wish you all the best for the new year. Thanks for always being such a conscientious blogging friend, I LOVE your comments and always look forward to reading your posts. See you back for more blogging fun in 2019 🙂 xx


  16. All extremely good reasons – we most certainly wouldn’t have wanted you to miss your run or any of those holiday activities. You can tell I’m behind too as I’m only just reading this now! Wishing you a happy new year…


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