Wondrous Wednesday

You wish,

You wonder,

You wait,

You worry,

And finally…

You welcome!


Our fourth grandchild, Stevie Lynne. Born on


January 16, 2019.

img_9638img_9622img_9624img_9647 3 (1)img_9643img_9657



78 thoughts on “Wondrous Wednesday”

  1. Wonderful news!!! Warmest wishes & congratulations to all of the family. How wonderful, and what a precious new addition. Big hug, Pat.


  2. Congrats to you and Richard on another grandbaby❣️Congratulations to mom and dad❤️ A baby is very special to all, enjoy….you are all blessed

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  3. What a great and wondrous post! I must say that I know an exceptional young man born on January 16 — my son. I also know an exceptional woman born on January 16 – my oldest friend from college way back when. So the moral of the story is, congratulations on the arrival of your exceptional grandchild. I know they are all exceptional, but for the moment, let’s celebrate January 16 and the birth of your 4th grandchild on this most auspicious Capricorn date.

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  4. So exciting! Congratulations to everyone! Such a wonderful way to spend retirement with your grandchildren! ❤️🤗


  5. Hi Donna – how wonderful .. she just missed your mother’s birthday and was 3 days away from mine … but Capricorns are good! Enjoy number four … love the photos – and congratulations all round – cheers Hilary


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