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January 21 Gratitude

More memories than words can express.

As we celebrate our 19th Wedding Anniversary.

Immensely grateful.

my post-21

my post-20

For those who prefer prose, here’s a throwback post that remains 110% true.

65 thoughts on “January 21 Gratitude”

  1. It’s amazing how language can become a sparkling, radiant jewel when we are writing from the heart and the depths of our soul! I loved your sizzling love letter to your husband and glad you re-posted. What a blessing to have found each other. ❤️😊❤️

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  2. Congratulations as the majority won’t make it that far, particularly after retirement where you generally can’t avoid spending more time together. Beautiful picture with the lights- where is that?


  3. Congratulations and Happy anniversary, Donna! Thank you for sharing the beauty of your love which shines in your letter to Richard and in your collage of photos above.


  4. Happy anniversary, Donna and Richard! I like reading about your decision to both retire at the same time despite the age difference. I retired first and I am older than my husband. We are discussing when he can retire because it is lonely at times for me. When you have a best buddy, just want to spend time with them. Your photos reveal how much you enjoy each other.


    1. Hi, Molly – The decision of when to retire is always unique to the individual. For Richard and me, retiring together was the perfect choice, especially since we needed to move countries and significantly change our environment to do so. 🙂
      Thank you for the warm wishes!

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  5. Thanks, Nancy – We have often heard of retirement being divided into three stages (at least regarding travel and adventure): ‘Go, go, go”, “Slow go” and “No go”. We have been trying to get our ‘go go’ in before the other two stages creep up on us! 🙂


  6. Happy anniversary to you both. I just went back and read your 16th-anniversary letter – and it was beautiful. There is only 6 years difference between my husband and me – and we’ve been together for 30 years this May – but I still have the same feeling as you when you retired: I don’t want to miss a thing. Wishing you both many years of happiness.


    1. Hi, Jo – Thank you for going back and reading my previous post. Richard and I have been retired for 3.5 years already (where does the time go?). I am so glad that we have been able to share this adventure and transition together.
      BTW – I’m building up my appetite to follow Your About Roast Chicken recipes! 🙂


  7. Happy Anniversary Donna, to you and Richard. I love the love letter! You do not sound “corny”. You sound genuine. I always like the photos, the way you lean into each other, the smiles. I get it……more “than words can express”. I will have my husband read your love letter. We have a very good, long term marriage, although, we are always learning and adjusting and adapting. I love how you articulate the balancing act. Your words are a gift. Thank you!


      1. Thanks, Donna, I did have my husband read your Anniversary post….a few sentimental tears on this one. I do believe words are a gift. I often cannot express myself as well verbally. The words flow better when writing. I am presently not able to post new stories (You likely recall that I had sent you a personal message). I am occasionally able to read and enjoy posts….hence the comments. I always look forward to reading more.


    1. Thanks, Hugh. Life definitely is to be celebrated! I’m often accused of taking too many pictures (seriously!). I am then often asked “Can you send me a photo of …..”. Snapshots are an awesome way of preserving memories.


  8. I loved your love letter to your husband Donna from a few years back. You clearly bring out the best in each other and surely that’s also what it’s all about? Here’s to many more years of grace, love and friendship with each other.

    Mine says he knows me better than I know myself – I think there’s some truth in that! He also says he’s got 16 wives because when we married, he married four (4) better, for (4) worse, in sickness and in health …


    1. Hi, Susan – Thank you for reading my past post. I greatly appreciate your kind words. You are absolutely right — bringing out the best in each other is what good relationships are all about. I agree with your husband’s thoughts about our spouses often knowing us better than we know ourselves. I also love his sense of humour!

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  9. Happy Anniversary. 19 years and going strong. Maybe the 20th year will be extra special. These photos of the two of you are so cute. Looks like the two of you are always having fun with each other no matter where the two of you are. Memories will always be special, many of which can only be felt. Many more happy years to the both of you 🙂


  10. Congratulations Donna – love the collage and life of 19 years … and you’ve been to such fascinating places together, experienced wonders and now are settled in a beautiful part of the world. Here’s to many, many more – cheers Hilary

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