Have you ever been on a Blind Date?

Thank you, Erica, for your very kind words. It was a wonderful surprise to wake up to your post this morning!

Behind the Scenery

I was slightly nervous.  My hands were a little clammy.  I was out of my comfort zone.

I was also curious and looking forward to this Blind Date 

I have had the opportunity to meet many new people in my life.  This was different.  This was a first for me.  I was meeting someone face to face when we had only communicated in cyberspace.  

          Spoiler alert:  Donna is even nicer and more interesting In Real Life!


Donna   Retirement Reflections  and I initially met last Fall, when I was reading anniversary stories on WordPress blogs.  I was deeply moved by her beautiful letter to her husband, a gift of words.   ALove Letter    When I found out that Donna and Richard lived on Vancouver Island, I knew we were…

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33 thoughts on “Have you ever been on a Blind Date?”

  1. Aw, I love this – so much fun! It’s nice to see bloggers reaching out to meet in person and making all of our efforts to connect with real people so REAL! Thank you for sharing!


    1. Hi, Shelley – Thank you so much for stopping by. The incredible connections that can be made through blogging still never cease to amaze me. When a real life connection can be added on top….that’s icing on an already wonderful cake!

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    1. Thanks, Jill – I tried to reply to your comment on Erica’s post but her WP theme does not allow for individual replies. I would totally LOVE to meet you in person. No matter how far I would need to travel, it would be totally worth the trip!

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    1. Hi, Jo – I never thought of it as a “blind date” either. This does confirm what I already knew — other bloggers whom I follow seem to easily be able to create extraordinarily creative and seductive post titles (including you)!!

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    1. Hi, Deb – On one hand, “blind date” does describe it perfectly. On the other hand, when meeting with fellow bloggers whom we already have a connection with, know their ‘voices” and are aware of so many of their personal details….there really are unexpected surprises.

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  2. This is so cool ! It brings back fond memories of meeting you for coffee at The Daily Grind. But it wasn’t a blind date for we had already met in yoga class. You reminded me of a tall, lean, cosmopolitan friend of mine. And you were warm and friendly just like her. I was so happy to meet you and am happy to continue to get to know you through your writings. It was indeed serendipitous. Your wisdom, warmth, caring and generosity still linger like waning sun beams on a late summer evening.

    Kindest regards,
    Susan Grace

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    1. Hi, Susan – I LOVED our talks before and after yoga class….and at the Daily Grind. I am only sorry that they ended so soon. I am so glad that we discovered that we each blog so that our conversations could easily continue. I also firmly believe in serendipity!

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    1. Hi, Lisa – The sushi was amazing (I’ve been at the same restaurant four Mondays in a row now)! Far better than the sushi, was the chance to meet Erica. I believe that you will greatly enjoy her site! Thank you for visiting her there.

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