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Grammy’s Grid

Thank you to Dee for featuring me today in her Blogging Grandmother Series. It has been a pleasure to participate. At times, it was an eye-opener to reread what I wrote just a few short months ago.

Dee and I would both appreciate it if you would stop by and visit her site. You can read more about my featured interview here:


We look forward to seeing you there!

30 thoughts on “Grammy’s Grid”

  1. Hi Donna – It’s amazing that you remembered back to age 3. I’ve been wondering about blogging lately, too, whether I should stop as life is wonderfully full. I’ve reduced my time spent on blogging and am still thinking whether I can find a better solution.


    1. Hi, Natalie – I agree that our memories work in strange ways. Often, I can clearly remember back to my early childhood…but forget what I did yesterday! 🙂 I agree that time spent blogging can greatly add up — leaving us with a big dilemma. If you come up with a great solution, please share!


    1. Hi, Ally – There’s a much longer story to go with the suitcase memory — but it is standing on the porch with my suitcase that I remember. It’s interesting to know where our deep passions begin. I am fortunate that the travel bug has also bitten my husband as well! 🙂

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  2. Fun responses, Donna. Your recurring dream is a lot like mine: I am late for a meeting, and I keep opening up doors to the wrong one. It doesn’t bother me as much as it used to because I don’t do meetings anymore. 🙂 – Marty


  3. Every once in a while, I get those annoying dreams about turning up late to a very important meeting or not being able to find a building. I had hoped they would end once I retired… or at least change to being late for something much more fun.


    1. Hi, Jo – Another early that I have is from when i was 3.5 waiting on the front porch of my home for a friend to come over. I can even see clearly what I was wearing (it was new)! I’m not sure what it is about my memory and porches! 🙂


    1. Hi, Joanne – Thank you so much for stopping by Dee’s site. I didn’t see your comment there — perhaps she hasn’t moderated them. I will go back and look.
      I agree that Dee asks awesome, thought-provoking questions that are very fun to answer!

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  4. Hi Donna, I added a comment on Dee’s site. Fun to read and wonder how would I answer the questions. Thank you for introducing me to Dee! I took a peak at onceuponatimehappilyeverafter. A beautiful site:)


    1. Hi, Erica – It is my pleasure to introduce you to both Dee and Leslie. I believe that you will greatly enjoy their sites. I was just over at Dee’s and didn’t see your comment (or Joanne’s). Hopefully, Dee simply has not moderated them yet — and they are not lost in cyberspace! 🙂

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      1. Hi Donna, I confirmed yesterday (with Marty, Snakes in the Grass) that I do have a problem with the replies on my site. Marty was really kind with his personal time and we had lengthy emails. He noticed that my replies to specific comments do not appear as replies. They appear as comments even though I made sure to click the reply button to the specific comment on the dashboard. The kind blogger that has taken the time to comment on my story is not aware and is not notified of my reply. Marty was not aware I had initially replied to him, until I added a reply via Reader. I have been using the WP dashboard to comment and to reply. The replies appear at the end of a stream of comments (chronologically) and they appear as a comment. This does not happen if I immediately reply to a comment. Then it becomes a Reply. I found that I think I can get around this problem by replying on the comments via clicking on Reader. I have gone to many help sites, with no solution. I then realized there is no Reply button on the individual comments on my actual story site. I notice with your post you were able to click on the comment on your site and immediately reply under the comment. Sorry for the long story, Donna. Marty thinks it may be my theme and I may have to download a new theme. Marty and I then wondered whether it depended on whether I was using my laptop or my ipad. To confuse things even more, WP dashboard appears differently on my laptop and my ipad. The hardwear I use may affect my results. I may contact a Happiness Engineer, if I cannot solve this. Anyways, you mentioned not seeing my Comment on Dee’s site. Usually my comments and replies on other blogger’s sites do appear eventually. Again, sorry for the long, confusing story. Your note made me wonder whether both comments and replies are now an issue. I will look at this as a challenge and make it work out. It may be a simple fix, or a glitch on my theme. Thank you for introducing me to some amazing people and sites🙂


      2. HI, Erica – I am so sorry to hear this. I would definitely recommend contacting the Happiness Engineers. They have been very prompt and efficient when I’ve needed them — and they helped to end several hours of frustration for me. Good luck and please keep me posted.


  5. Hi Donna – glad to see your Italian trip is still ahead … it’ll be a wonderful walk down towards Rome. Also great to read more about you … and to see what your aspirations are. I’m off over to comment at Dee’s … cheers Hilary


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