Hiking, Vancouver Island

Day 23: Nymph Falls, Comox Valley

Distance Hiked: 18 km
Walking Time: 4 hrs
Trail Rating: Easy and Moderate trails are available
Location: 4481 Forbidden Plateau Road, Comox-Strathcona


Nymph Falls resulted from  the creation of a fish ladder on the Puntledge River, completed by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and BC Hydro, in the early 1950s.

In 1992, the Comox Valley Regional District secured a 20-year lease over this Crown Land for park purposes. In 2012, this lease was extended for an additional 30 years. Part of this land was used as a labour camp for conscientious objectors during World War II.


You’ve got to love trail names that were created with a sense of humour!

Nymph Falls Park offers several different trails. The pathway to the waterfalls is 1/2 km from the parking lot and is wheelchair accessible.

The trails are generally well-groomed and include many recent upgrades. Trails link to the Comox Lake Dam and other areas, allowing you to walk a short distance or a much longer one.  We had planned to hike 10 km but enjoyed the area so much that we stayed for 18!

The trail to Comox Lake Dam is 5 km each way from the main falls area. It was totally worth the walk.

Our Experience:

This recreational area truly has something for everyone. Grab your boots or your bike. Bring your family and the dog (off-leash is allowed here). Pack a picnic, bring your swimsuit (if you’re brave) and whatever you do, don’t forget your camera!

Jake, Sky, Tommy,  Porsha, Kaylee, Chance, Hamish and Nala would love it here. Just sayin’!

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33 thoughts on “Day 23: Nymph Falls, Comox Valley”

    1. Hi, Susan – When we were first planning this adventure, we thought we would hike approximately 18 km each day. We typically did 22+ per day on the Camino and we were trying to replicate some of this experience. Alas, we did not want to miiss out on other social invites (esp. golf for Richard), so we have had many days with hikes of just 7 km. Richard then did walk a full 18-hole golf course, so his step count remains high!

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  1. Hi Donna – just brilliant – the photos are exceptional. Love the advice and notes … sounds a stunning day out with picnic, a swim … and that beautiful scenery … gorgeous – all the best Hilary


  2. Another one for my mental (so far) list of places to go and explore! No need to write anything down – I can just come here to your blog whenever I need to figure out my next exploration😁. Thank you Donna!



    1. Hi, Janis – In six days, when we are finished this challenge, we will have barely scratched the surface of the hikes available within a short drive of our home. I’m now scrambling as to what remaining hikes to choose!


  3. Donna,
    OMG! Your banner photo is stunning! This hike is so picturesque…no wonder you extended. Happy that Richard still gets his golfing in. Seven more–We’re with you all the way! Joe and Helen.


  4. OH MY GOSH! What a stunning walk. I don’t know if I would ever walk home. Interesting history to the area. At least the objectors had a lovely location for their camp. The older I get, the harder I am finding it to manage our hot, dry climate. Seeing photos of this landscape has me missing water and trees and green.


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