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Day 25: Duke Point, Crescent Beach and White Rock Pier

Duke Point Ferry Terminal: 3 km
Duke Point Ferry: 7 km
Crescent Beach: 3.75 km
White Rock Pier: 5.25 km

Combined Distances Walked: 19 km
Combined Walking Time: 5 hrs

I wasn’t sure how I would squeeze in a hike today, let alone 7 km (our minimum daily hiking distance in this series so far). With a little determination and very understanding friends, my hoped-for distances were more than doubled.

Richard and I arrived at the ferry terminal 40 minutes early this morning. Instead of sitting in the waiting room and reading random items on my phone (as I am wont to do), I went outside and took 4,300 steps (3 km). The photo to your left shows the view that I could have had. The photo to your right shows a sample of the scenery that I was surrounded by instead. This is exactly where we walked yesterday — but on the other side of the fence.

Motivated by how easy it was to rack up 3 km, I continued walking on the ferry. Round and round the outer deck I went, pink mask firmly in place. Anyone watching surely thought that I was crazy. Kindly, no one mentioned it. Below is a glimpse of my backdrop.

Imports - 1 of 1 (2)

By the time our ferry landed in Tsawassen, I had already reached 10 km. I was totally fine with whatever my friends had in store. Their plans included breakfast (which was fantastic, I was starving), and walks on Crescent Beach and White Rock Pier. Both beaches were absolutely stunning. Crescent Beach was rockier but did have more parking available (thanks, Ann, for the recommendation).

All Photos - 1 of 1 (1)

We reached White Rock Beach for low-tide. Watershoes were definitely an asset. The views of Mt. Baker (feature photo) were breathtaking!

We ended the day at Happy Hour at Washington Avenue Grill. Great views, great drinks, great food, great service and amazing, long-time friends–it was the final flourish to a perfect day.

Happy 37th Anniversary, Lynette and Jeff!


35 thoughts on “Day 25: Duke Point, Crescent Beach and White Rock Pier”

  1. Yes, it is amazing what putting one foot in front of the other can accomplish. I like how you made use of waiting time at and on the ferry. The thing about waiting is to find something to do. I’ve taken to walking while I’m having a phone conversation. My mom used to say that the hardest part of going for a walk is putting your shoes on and stepping outside the door.


  2. Made me laugh, crazy walking lady. I do the wander around/walk in circles thing when stuck in an airport. Well I did that back when I was in airports. Your photos of your fun day are great.


  3. You certainly were creative. I admit to doing that on Sunday morning at the airport – doing laps up and down until Sarah told me to sit down and wait like normal people do. Sigh.


  4. Well, Donna, there is nothing wrong with walking before the scheduled hike. You had great views and didn’t worry about your phone! Thanks for the motivation as I get set to travel over the next few days!


  5. Thanks Donna for the Anniversary Wishes! Jeff and I thoroughly enjoyed our day with you and Richard! The strolls along the beach were relaxing and you are always so motivating to be with!
    Looking forward to seeing you soon!


  6. Hi Donna – well you certainly have your mind in walking mode regardless of where you are – well done! I agree gorgeous views of Mount Baker – and I got to Tswassen going into Vancouver that way … never got down to White Rock … but so pleased you were able to celebrate with Lynette and Jeff – congratulations to them … all the best – Hilary


  7. That is seriously impressive Donna, clocking up all those kms before even starting. A friend told me this afternoon that she easily clocks up 10000 steps every day just by going up and down her stairs at her home. Your photos are lovely!


  8. I love that ferry ride, Crescent Beach and White Rock Pier. You have made me a bit homesick but it was so lovely to see these pictures. I wonder when I will be able to get back.


  9. I smiled at the thought of walking around the ferry! But well done for being so resourceful and I love all the views. Really enjoying taking these hikes with you Donna.


  10. I’ve never taken the Duke Point ferry, although I have taken the Tswassen to Schwartz Bay ferry many times. It has been quite a few years since I walked on White Rock and Crescent Beaches.



    1. Hi, Jude – We tend to take the Departure Bay Ferry as well. But every now and then, Duke Point makes more sense for our trip (although it is a bit longer with only vending machines at the Duke Point terminal). 😀


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