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Day 28: Stocking Creek Falls, Saltair

Trails: Stocking Creek and Cowichan Valley
Access: 11014 Finch Place or 10786 Chemainus Road, Saltair (near Ladysmith)
Distance Walked: 8.88 km
Walking Time: 2 hr 8 min
Difficulty: Both easy and moderate paths are available.

What’s not to love about trails that meander through a rainforest, give you easy access to a waterfall (that you can actually touch) and connect you to Canada’s Great Trail? Stocking Creek has it all.

To visit the falls, you can take a short, gentle path (Kon Trail) or a slightly more challenging one (Huckleberry). The stairs that lead directly to the waterfalls are currently closed, but a few other dirt paths will take you down there. You just may need to navigate a few tricky bits. Waterproof hiking boots are a definite asset.

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As the smiles on our faces reveal, being able to touch the falls is well worth the extra effort!

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You can easily walk from the parking lot, enjoy the falls and be back at your car in under an hour. You may wish to extend your stay by checking out a few of this park’s other trails.

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The Cowichan Valley Trail is a multi-use path that is part of The Great Trail (Trans-Canada). This predominantly gravel lane is wide and flat, making it easy for both walkers and bikers to share the road. The surrounding green space and farmlands combine to create dynamic, constantly changing scenery.

As we pulled out of the parking lot, our car automatically headed to nearby Old Town Bakery. Apparently, Richard had already guessed the real reason that I had chosen this hike. Busted!

In my defence, the bakery is currently celebrating Christmas in July. Who can resist that? Not I!

We Walk Together: Stay Calm, Stay Safe, Social Distance and Treat Yourself to a Cinnamon Bun! #oldtownbakeryladysmith #contesttime #christmasinjuly #ladysmithbc


41 thoughts on “Day 28: Stocking Creek Falls, Saltair”

  1. Hi Donna, Watching you with hiking poles, and my challenge this past week make me think I should invest in hiking poles. Great photos, especially of the smiles. ❤️ I saw your photo on Instagram and I did wonder about the Christmas tree. Fun!


      1. After last weekend’s experience, I am seriously thinking about investing in them. One of my concerns is carrying one more thing in my knapsack. Do you have a favourite brand, Ann?


    1. Hi, Erica – I love my hiking poles. They give me confidence and stability when I need it. I don’t use them for all hikes, and seldom for a full hike (today I only used them for the slippery stream crossing and the ‘tricky bits’). My poles are super light, fold up neatly, and fit inside my backpack without adding much extra weight. I agree with Ann – they are awesome on hills and rough, rocky paths. Win-win!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Donna, you may have given me the brand name of your hiking poles and I will look it up. My concern was carrying one more thing in my knapsack. After last weekend I am reconsidering my priorities. Something about ‘there’s no fool like………….’ 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Donna what a lovely hike and the falls are beautiful. I love waterfalls! You deserved your treat at the end from the bakery. Christmas in July already!!! The real Christmas will be here before we know it. Only two more hikes to go and what a great achievement. xx


    1. Thanks, Sue – The benefits of these hikes have been numerous. They also give Richard and I undistracted, uninterrupted time to chat. Today I told Richard the story about the art pad and the glitter pens. He ❤ 'd it!


  3. HI Donna – well Christmas in July is what we always had in South Africa – and no reason for not having yours with that wonderful motto: ‘We Walk Together: Stay Calm, Stay Safe, Social Distance and Treat Yourself to a Cinnamon Bun!’ – looks a wonderful walk – with a great break. The Cowichan Valley is a beautiful area … enjoy today’s walk/hike – Hilary


  4. Donna, the top two pictures are spectacular. Everything looks so pristine and green. Perfect backdrop for hiking. Nevertheless, you saved the best picture for last. Yum! Enjoy! Joe


      1. Leaving Ennis, MT and going to Great Falls, MT for two days. Glacier NP after that for six days. May follow your lead…six hikes in six days? Doubtful, but thinking about it. You and Richard made an impression on us.

        Liked by 1 person

  5. We have done some great hikes to waterfalls this summer, but not to Stocking Creek. Maybe I’ll have to write a post or two about them on my blog. And, Old Town Bakery has my vote too!



    1. Hi, Jude – We are spoiled for choice with waterfalls on our little section of Vancouver Island. Ten of the hikes that we have done in this series have included at least one waterfall each (often more)….and that has not remotely covered all of the falls in this area. I look forward to your post!


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