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Tuesday’s Trails

Richard and I have continued to hike a different trail each day. We are now on Day 40. We are curious to discover when we will run out of local trails to explore. Realistically, we are more likely to run out of energy first!

I have posted a single photo of our hike each day on Instagram. Here are the four hikes that we have completed since my last blog post.

A few people have asked if I would create a simple spreadsheet of the trails that we have hiked on this series to date. This gave me the perfect opportunity to finally try out the WordPress Guttenberg Editor (better late than never).






1English-man River Falls Errington
Off Hwy 4
18.2797 hawaterfalls
old growth forest
multiple trails
scenic views
2Enos LakeFairwinds
Nanoose Bay
8.377 km
rocky bluffs
Enos Lake Stickleback
1240 Rath
2 km sandy beach
castle Island
Ferry from Maffeo Sutton Park Nanaimo13.77336
revered healing place
for Snuneymuxw
foot ferry or boat
hike, bike, kayak,
camp, restaurant, tours
5Coombs-Parksville Rail TrailStation Rd (Coombs)
Springvalley Park (Parksville)
3-metre wide trail
level, accessible
km trail markers
bald eagles common
wood Lake
381 Westwood Rd Nanaimo13.945.51
hike, run, cycle
well-groomed trails
on-leash dogs
off-leash sections
joins to other trails
num Woods
Claymore Rd
Qualicum Beach
limited parking
minimal signage
use GPS/trail app
mountain bikes
off-lease dogs
7Little Qualicum Fish HatcheryClaymore Rd
Qualicum Beach
44 km
gates closes at 3 pm
off-leash dogs
wide, easy trails
salmon (in season)
munity Park & Board-
Island Hwy & Corfield Parksville9.215.7 ha
445 m board-
community hub
sports field
food trucks
9Nike Creek6590 Island Hwy Bowser1310 km
out &
five waterfalls
downed trees
rope bridges
shorter route
10Lantzville Lookout LoopSywash Rd Lantzville85.8 km loop
Copley Ridge Rec
some steep climbs
splendid views
multiple trails
great picnic spot
11Nanaimo Water-
front Walkway
Downtown Nanaimo7.24.5 km
+8 km
marinas, shipyards,
parks, gardens,
shops, restaurants
12Light-house Country Regional TrailSouth: 3480 Lioness Blvd
North: McColl
10.312 km
out &
north & south loop
accessible level grade
tapping rail
Crown Forest &
Woodlot Trails
13Moore-croft1563 Stewart
Nanoose Bay
4.1835 hasmall park
ecologically significant
Gary Oaks meadow
Coastal Douglas-Firs
13Es-he Sme-nts1650 Oakleaf
Nanoose Bay
41.29 haopened in 2017 in collaboration with
Snaw-Na-As First Nations
name means ‘Seal Rock’
14Heritage ForestCrescent Road East
Qualicum Beach
920 haremnants of old growth coastal Douglas-Firs,
Sitka Spruce & other endangered trees,
plants & wildlife
15Columbia BeachFrench Creek9forest
& beach
small marine community
marina, charters, seafood, pub
rocky shore & forested path
man River Estuary
E: Shelly Rd
468 ha
2.4 km
viewing platform
interpretive signage
migrating water birds
mature second-growth forest
16Rosewall CreekSouth of Fanny Bay754.3 hasecond growth forest
narrow paths near drop-offs, waterfall
17Extension Ridge (Abyss)Between Harwood & Extension
sweeping views
fairy circle
connects to Great Trail
18Cable BayNicola Road
7.252 km
merges into Joan Point Park &
Dodd Narrows
sandstone beach
tidal current
off-leash dogs
19 Parksville Wetlands790 Hirst Parksville7.8635.9
formerly Ermineskin Parklands
flat, accessible paths
rare ecosystem
hidden gem
20Richard’s Marsh9 Ranchview Nanaimo7.35many
viewing platform
interpretive signs
multiple paths
encircled by subdivision
20 Hamilton MarshHilliers Road
Qualicum Beach
0.8 km36 ha
360 ha forest
two short trails
viewing platform
red & blue listed species
owned by Island Timberlands
21Neck Point1055 Morning-side
7.2214.5 harugged rock cliffs
pebble beaches
numerous vista points
fairy houses
22Pheasant Glen1025 Qualicum Rd
Qualicum Beach
beside golf course
unmaintained natural trails
parking lot
bear sightings on inner trails
23 Nymph Falls4481 Hidden Plateau Rd
Comox Valley
1861 hafalls are near parking lot
numerous trail options
links to Comox Lake Dam
Jack Point
655 Jackson
12.9 ha
edge of Nanaimo River Estuary
stunning views
next to Duke Pont Ferry
24Morrell Nature

787 Nanaimo Lakes Rd
5112 ha
11 km trails
lush forested trails
small lake
picnic shelter
second growth forest
last logged in the 1920’s

Beecher St
South Surrey (Mainland)

6.5 km shore
rugged strip of shoreline
numerous shops & restuarants

White Rock
White Rock Promenade
White Rock (Mainland)


470 metre-long-pier
great walk at low tide
stunning views of Mt. Baker
Ferry from 151 Front St

various trails & lanes
350 full-time residents
small publc ferry ($10)
Dingy Dock Pub
pirate street names
charming & creative
Fern Road
Fern Road
Qualicum Beach
various multi-purpose route
part of Qualicum-Parsville Trail
hidden gem
11014 Finch
touchable waterfall
connects to Great Trail
easy & moderate paths

Shelly Creek &
EN Railway
Corfield St

Shelly Creek
6.5 km
tributary to Englishman River
Parksville’s last fishbearing stream
hidden gem
30Mount Arrow-smith
to Black Goose Inn
Stanford Ave &
Resort Drive
9.145.8 kmeasy walk on multiple paths (some roadside)
both pubs have great outdoor seating

Spider Lake & Horne LakeExit Hwy 19, or 19A
Qualicum Beach

Horne Lake:
105 ha
sandy beaches
forested paths
popular gathering place
some watercraft restrictions
Horne Lake Caves
32Lost Lake4877 Lost Lake Rd4.5< 1 km loop+gravel areas
boardwalk & stairs
lake set against mature trees
tranquil environment
33Qualicum Beach
Island Hwy
Qualicum Beach
91 km board-
go at lowtide to extend your walking options
1780 Jinglepot Rd Nanaimo42 km
bird & wildlife sanctuary
viewing platforms
dogs are not permitted

Little Qualicum
4001 Alberni Hwy
Qualicum Beach

440 ha

straddles Little Qualicum River & south Cameron Lake
steep mountain peaks, waterfalls & rocky gorge beautiful forest setting
Hole in the WallAcross from Coombs Candy, Port Alberni6
hole made by waterpip (now removed)
short hike
one partly steep climb

Craig Bay
– Peace Abide
Park off of Franklin’s Gull
near museum

forested paths
Peace Abide Trust, Wall Beach
sandstone, shale, limestone, siltstone & basalt

Kitsuksis Creek
Several access points
Kitsuksis Creek
Port Alberni

3 km
+ trails
flat walkway
forested trail
Spenser Park & Blair Park
38Beach Estates to Kin Park2140 Departure Bay Road
7Beach Estates Trail <2 kmwaterfalls
many stairs
beach access
Bowen Park
500 Bowen
6.336 ha
accessible trails
duck pond
Great Trail (TransCanada)
40Arbutus Trails Raven-song 737 Jones
Qualicum Beach
7.3many trails
well-groomed forest trails
location maps throughout
off-leash dogs
separate bike trails & bmx park
With the exception of Crescent Beach and White Rock Pier, all of the above trails are located on Central Vancouver Island.
*KM is the distance that we walked and not necessarily the actual length of the trail.
*On a few days, we hiked two different trails. That means we have actually walked 47 trails in 40 days…with numerous trails to go!

If you have any questions on any of the routes, I’d be happy to share the information that I have. And if you have more VI trails to share, I’d love to know about them.


56 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Trails”

  1. Donna,
    Well, once again, you have introduced me to a new blogging tool—Guttenberg Editor. You also tipped me about Grammarly, which I cannot do without. Hopefully, we will get to sample a portion of the 47 trails sometime. Thanks for sharing. Here’s to more hikes! Joe


    1. Hi, Joe – You are fast! I hadn’t even finished editing (yup, I often publish first before doing that) when I received your reply.
      I sincerely thought that I was the last person standing not to use Guttenberg. I thought that I would switch when a) I was forced b) there was something that I needed on Guttenberg that the Classic Editor did not offer. Needing a table was the motivator. The whole process was amazingly easy. But I did need to change my theme. Although I had an official WP theme, it would not let me create a feature photo on Guttenberg. Go figure! I have now switched to the WP 2020 theme. Fingers crossed!
      I look forward to reading more about your current travels!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks, Donna, for sharing your hikes and beautiful photos. I see that you also updated your blog theme in addition to using the block editor. Well done!


    1. Hi, Natalie – You have a great eye for detail. As I mentioned to Joe, the switch to Guttenberg, and the switch to a new theme, were both based on need. Now that’s I’ve made the change, I’ll give them a try. If I like them, I’ll stay. If not, it’s back to Classic I go! 😀


  3. Great chart. Nice to see the info in one place.

    I have yet to switch to the blockhead editor because I’m a firm believer in if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. You hear me, WordPress? Your new [?] template is pretty and is showing up here in a large font. That’s fun and easy to read.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Ally – I’ve been the exact same about Guttenberg. I had no desire to change until I saw a need. (I also was hoping that they’d get a few more bugs out while I delayed). I hope that the print on your screen is not too large. This theme moved my sidebar to the bottom. I’ll give it a go and see what feedback I get. I hope that all is well with you.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I wouldn’t say the print is too large, but it makes the page longer so more scrolling to read it all. I’ve been messing around with new templates [contemplating a change] and most of them seem to put the sidebar at the bottom. Not sure what I think of that.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hi, Ally – I am currently using the WP 2020 theme. I didn’t put much time into choosing, but I also didn’t seem to have much choice among free themes. My last theme (also WP) did not allow me to set a Feature Photo with Guttenberg. The other theme that I originally selected (Hesler or something like that), did not allow post summaries, so all posts appeared on my blog in full. If you find the perfect theme out there, please share! 😀

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      3. I’m already lost! I like learning new things but I’m a dinosaur when it comes to block editors , Gutten-what?, WP 2020 etc that I will be dragged kicking and screaming and fear I’ll stop blogging! (Can you detect a person with not a lot of patience ha ha for changes out of my comfort zone!🤣)

        Susan Grace

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Hi, Susan – Your comment made me smile. I definitely agree with the old adage about not fixing things that are not broken. That being said, my first try at Guttenberg went surprisingly smoothly…and I was overdue for a new theme (I think that I was on WordPress Twenty Seventeen). But I agree, the Classic Editor is working well so no need to change that if it has everything that you want.. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, Suzanne – I didn’t use Excel. Guttenberg offers a ‘table making block’. It was the straw that finally made me move from the Classic Editor. The table block, and the rest of Guttenberg, were relatively intuitive and easy to use (but I did need to switch from my old theme). Fingers crossed for the future!

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  4. Thank you for all the tips and highlights of your hikes. A spreadsheet is an amazing idea. I didn’t realize there was a tool for that on word press.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, Antoinette – Thank you for your kind feedback. When I was asked to do a hiking spreadsheet, I did a fast WP search and realized that I would need to switch to Guttenberg. I had roughly planned to do so after my official 30 hikes were posted, so the timing was perfect. Fingers crossed all goes well from here.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Good to see that you will still be posting about (at least some) of your hikes. What is that flower arrangement in your top photo? It looks like it’s made out of succulents, but I can’t see too much detail. Did you just come upon it on your hike?

    I have been using the block editor for a few months now and have found it pretty intuitive BUT (big but) I haven’t tried anything fancy yet. I like your new theme and the larger type.


    1. Thanks, Janis – I have it roughly in my mind that I will try a weekly ‘Tuesday’s Trails’ post and see how that goes. Even if I am not hiking daily, I will still likely have done a hike or two most weeks. Thank you for your comment on the larger type. It seemed fine on my laptop. But, I just had a look on my smartphone and it was LOTS of scrolling. Hopefully, that was because of the large table, and won’t happen on most posts. I’m looking forward to catching up again soon!


    1. Hi, Laurie – We are incredibly spoiled and I am forever grateful. Many of the trails that I have listed have been fought for by women or donated by very future-thinking and generous individuals. I’ve been enthralled by all of the local history that I have been learning. Thank you so much for following along!

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  6. Your photos are so captivating that I can almost smell the ferns, the firs and the damp earth. Would enjoy a cool forest hike about now. Might have to copy your idea about taking notes on the various trails you enjoyed. I could do that with the trails we explore around here…once we can get back to exploring them again.


    1. Hi, Leslie – I would love to read about the trails in your area. We are grateful that so many of our trails are open. Since we hike relatively early, we seldom see other people….and when we do, it is usually at a fair distance. Thank you for reading and commenting!


  7. Hi Donna I so admire you and Richard for continuing on with your hikes and I’m amazed at how many there are where you live. I’m also impressed with your table listing the hikes so far. Great information thank you and I’m sure hikers who live on the island will enjoy following your lead. xx


  8. HI Donna – it’s a wonderful part of the world … and being further up the island opens the doors more easily to plenty of trails. I’m so glad you’re doing more trails and letting us know about them. Well done on the grid – at least we all have an idea of the walks you’ve done. Carry on enjoying them – while the weather’s good … Hilary


    1. Thanks, Hilary – Central Vancouver Island definitely is an awesome spot to hike. With only 2 hours from Victoria and 2.5 hours from Tofino, it is also the perfect starting point to explore the rest of the Island. I’ve greatly appreciated you following along and have looked forward to your comments.


  9. Hi Donna – these pictures are great, especially the header one! I like that bouquet of flowers on the fallen tree. Did you put that there? Congratulations on trying out the Guttenberg editor – that spreadsheet feature looks great!


  10. You two rock!! What an active life and such diverse hikes. Sigh!

    I thought your blog looked different… I had no idea Gutenberg has a table feature to create a spreadsheet! I never saw that. I would have used Word and then taken a photo of it, haha. So, good for you for making the change.

    I’ve been using Gutenberg for a while now and there are still parts (like photo galleries) I revert to the classic editor for, since WordPress hasn’t figured out that feature yet. I’m also apprehensive about changing my theme to be able to use certain features. You’re much braver than me!


    1. Thanks, Liesbet – I did consider creating a table in Word and simply photographing it. But this truly was the nudge that I needed to get me to try Guttenberg. To my surprise, it was fairly intuitive. I also put no thought into my new theme. I was using a WordPress yearly theme before, so the WordPress 2020 theme made sense. I still have a couple things to sort out with it, but I am happy with it so far. Fingers crossed!

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  11. This is great for lots of reasons Donna. Your embracing of the Gutenberg editor for one and your table of hikes – so comprehensive! So pleased to read you are still walking!


    1. Thanks, Deb – I really enjoyed the Classic Editor so was never in a hurry to move. Now that I’ve made the leap – I can see lots of Guttenberg advantages — and much new learning ahead! Thank you for following and for your kind words. Your friendship is greatly appreciated.

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  12. Hi Donna, I’m so impressed. Firstly with all of the amazing trails you’ve walked and the photos you’ve taken. And also at tackling the new editor in this format. It’s quite different to the Classic in many ways. I’m still getting used to it but pleased that I’ve finally given it a try. Take care and happy walking! xx


    1. Hi, Miriam – We have so many great trails n our area. I am incredibly grateful for this.
      It was definitely time that I gave Guttenberg a try. It was not as complicated as I had first thought. And, I’m getting used to my new theme (Twenty Twenty) as well!
      Thank you for your kind words.


    1. Thanks for this feedback, Jo. The new theme was unexpected and didn’t have much forethought. I was on a roll and just kept going with it. I’m sure that there are a few more tweaks that I will need to make, but so far I am happy with it.

      Liked by 1 person

  13. Hi Donna, It looks like my comment from this past weekend disappeared into cyberspace? It happens occasionally, and I have learned to keep most comments in a file. I will attempt again, this time using Google Chrome versus Safari. 🙂

    First impression looks great! Good for you, jumping in and making it happen. I have a couple of drafts ready since I want to space out the “Marley” posts. They are still on the “old” editor. I may also jump in to the new block editor after they are posted. A nice, calming base colour for your theme. I don’t know whether you had a choice with colours.

    I made a note of the author and books that Deb is using for her hikes. It is a great deal of fun for me to see where you are hiking. I am familiar with some of them. Many are new to me. I am more familiar with the hikes this end of the Island. I extra like how you can place the titles clearly on top of the photographs.

    Your spreadsheet is excellent. I do think you have the making of an enewsletter or addition to a local magazine. Again, not if it turns out as a stressful venture. Your information is concise, realistic and you always add that personal touch.

    Re: the whole theme and editor thing: I have bookmarked this post since now I have more questions than answers, especially when I read the comments. xx


    1. Hi, Erica – This was totally my fault! I just found your original comment in my spam. As that folder gets overwhelmingly full (especially with the Mucho Gracias Robo Commenter), I seldom ever check it!
      Thank you for your feedback on my switch to Guttenberg, and my new theme. I have greatly appreciated hearing your thoughts on this.
      I have just finished writing my second post on Guttenberg. Easy-peasy! I’m not sure why I waited so long to make the switch. Errr, yes I do remember. Three WordPress-Savy people that I trust recommended that I wait until more bugs were fixed. I’m sure that my 2-year wait was long enough!:D
      Even with the 47+ different trails that Richard and I have just completed, we have barely scratched the surface of available hikes in our area. If you have any questions about any of them, please do not hesitate to let me know. I’d be very happy to share the info that I have.
      Most Beginners’ tutorials for Guttenberg recommend first updating your theme (and updating plug-ins if you are using any). That is awesome advice. Although I had been using an ‘official’ WordPress theme that worked well on the Classic Editor, it would not allow me to post a Feature Photo using the Guttenberg Editor. My new theme is the most recent one by WordPress (TwentyTwenty). I believe that it still has some bugs with it, but overall I’m happy with it and am far to lazy to switch again. This theme also gives you much choice, including colours for background and text. The background colour that I’m using here is the exact same colour that I’ve painted our house walls for the last twenty years. Yup, I’m that boring! I’m looking forward to chatting again soon.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I thought the “Mucho Gracias” was possibly only me. I found this robo commenter was linked to my “Red Slippers” post. So, I turned off comments for this post only about 2 weeks ago and zero spam (so far). Possibly once a month I will find a “normal” regular blogger in the spam folder.
        I greatly appreciate all the information you share, Donna. I am sure things will evolve and I will have fun with the new editor.
        We are expecting the girls (4yr and 6yr) for a sleepover for a few days, so lots of activities around here. Unsure what is happening next week re our friend flying in? I am trying to keep the days open so far.
        Chuck and I went to Island View Beach Sunday for the day/hike/picnic. Heaven on Earth just to be by the water. You know first hand all about this.🙂 Talk to you soon. xx

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thanks, Erica – I wish that the ‘Mucho Gracias’ spam comment was limited to just one or two posts on my site. Sadly, it is widespread. I looked up information about it and the advice was to ignore it, which I have been trying to do (sometimes more patiently than other times). 😀
        Enjoy your granddaughters! I look forward to hearing the stories afterwards!


  14. Donna, I like your new theme. It’s clean, simple, and easy to read. Also, it loads (on the iPad) more quickly than your previous theme. Thanks for the spreadsheet.



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