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Bloggers with a View: MARKET DAY

.        Come join us on a trip around the world with stops at markets in France, Oman, Australia, Singapore and Canada. Thank you to all who participated in this month’s ‘Bloggers with a View’. A special shoutout to Sandy for putting it all together.  Update: Please use this link for the full sound version. Thank you for stopping by!

The Sandy Chronicles

The vlog for MARKET DAY is ready for viewing !

Many thanks to the contributors who shared Market Day scenes from around the world. We have scenes from France, Oman, Australia, Singapore and Canada. I had great fun pulling it all together and learned much about posting to YouTube. Now I know allsome of the annoying tricks vloggers do to their videos but I promise, I will restrain myself!

And for the bloggers behind the scenes …

Many thanks to

Toronto, Canada. February 2021

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54 thoughts on “Bloggers with a View: MARKET DAY”

  1. I love how these all flow together in the video Donna – markets are such a lovely way to browse and seeing all the different types merging into each other shows that they’re obviously something that humans just love to visit and wander around in.

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    1. Thanks, Leanne – I agree that Sandy did an awesome job putting the video clips and stills together. Bloggers with a View has been an excellent way to peek into other worlds during this time of (severely) reduced travel. I was surprised how similar the Brisbane Market was to our local one!

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  2. Interesting to note the numbers of people, distancing, masks or no masks. It felt weird to see that many people (Auz) walking around same as QB before the pandemic. Say I’ve been to that market a time or two.

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    1. Hi, Bernie – I agree. Hopefully, we will all be able to gather safely, comfortably, and unmasked, again soon! 😀
      When we can all travel again, and when you are next in QB, we should meet at that market. They have awesome coffee!


    2. @Bernielynne = We don’t have any Covid in Australia as our international borders have been closed and any arrivalsl have to quarantine for 14 days at their own expense in specific hotels. In fact the only outbreak of Covid we have had – a few cases here and there has been from an individual in hotel quarantine.
      We don’t have to wear masks but we still have to log our details if we sit down in a cafe or restaurant. There is hand washing and sanitising stations everywhere but I notice that less people are using them now. Things quickly revert to normal once the spectre of Covid vanishes. Many people have commented on how normal things look here, because we pretty much live normal lives. We are very lucky.


      1. I do realize this. For once, being so far away from other countries at the bottom of the earth is an advantage. We have had short lockdowns but generally move about without much restrictions.


    1. Me too!! I love visiting markets both locally and when I travel. For me, this holds much nostalgia. As a little girl, I frequently accompanied my grandmother to the market on Saturday mornings. Although the hour was usually ‘crazy early, the market was a great place to stimulate the imagination…and I always ended up with a special treat (grandmothers can be great spoilers)! 😀

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    1. Hi, Tracey – It’s funny, I had recently been thinking about ‘milk in the bag’ which I haven’t seen for years. Then Sandy mentioned that she was going to focus on this in her post. In BC we have milk in the jug, or the carton, or even a box — but no more bags. At least none that I’ve seen for a long while. I have no idea why our two Canadian provinces differ on this — but I am sure that there is an interesting reason! 😀 Thank you for stopping by.


  3. Great video. My “Market Day” video would consist of Paul and me driving up to our local grocery store and sitting in our car waiting for our order to be brought out. Not very exciting, for sure. I never thought that I’d actually be anxious to go grocery shopping in person again, but I am. (Btw, I can’t find the link to the next collaboration… do you know where it is?)


    1. Hi, Janis – I honestly think that the pandemic grocery shopping that you described above would have made an excellent addition to the video. I love how ‘Bloggers with a View’ shows how things are the same — and how they are also very different.
      Vero will be hosting the video in March. Her topic is “GOODNESS”. The open call is here I know that they would love for you to join in!

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  4. Hey Donna! You did an AMAZING job with these videos. Very cute and such a nice peek into the lives of these different bloggers lives. Isn’t it funny how a Farmer’s Market in some parts of the world look the same–Brisbane, Vancouver Island and yes here in La Quinta. And milk in a bag!!! who knew? Looking forward to seeing more of these! ~Kathy

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    1. Hi, Kathy – Thank you for your kind words. Sandy gets all of the credit for putting this video together. And Vero gets all of the credit for the previous Bloggers with a View video. I simply sent in my pics. 😀
      BTW – We did have milk in the bag previously in BC, but no longer. I kinda miss it! 😀


    1. Hi, Erica – I totally agree with you about being in awe of the work involved in putting the final video together. Today, I simply tried to edit my simple video for the next ‘Bloggers with a View’ installment. That small attempt had me pulling my hair out! 😀
      Thank you for your kind words!

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  5. That was fun! Thanks for sharing Donna. Here’s hoping the farmers’ markets will be more accessible and COVID-free this summer and fall. I miss just wandering around, mingling with people, and enjoying the fresh produce. Fingers crossed!


  6. Hi Donna – great fun to see … loved it – thanks … a delightful initiative from Sandy and you all – cheers Hilary


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