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Reminder: What’s On Your Plate and What’s On Your Bookshelf — Coming Soon!

‘What’s On Your Plate’ will go live tomorrow (Wednesday, October 6). Deb and I would love for you to join us and share a dish (or two) that you have enjoyed this past month (regardless of who made it). You can share in the comments, in a blog post, on Instagram or in any way that you choose (#whatsonyourplateblogchallenge).

‘What’s On Your Bookshelf’ is advertised to go live each month on the second Thursday (Northern America) or the second Friday (Australia). That would officially make the next posting date October 14/15. However, that is the birthday of one of our hosts and said host has been trapped in one SINGLE book, addictively reading, rereading and rereading some more (not to mention any names). 😀

Charlotte, why do you torture us so?

It took that reader quite a while to realize that the narrator is completely unreliable and frankly doesn’t trust her reader one iota. Thus, with the kind understanding of cohosts SueDeb and Jo, the next WOYBS will go live Thursday/Friday, October 21/22.

You can tell by the tiniest hint of bookmark that I’m only partway through Villette (our book club has a reading limit for each discussion). More torture!

Hopefully, by October 21, the reader in question (okay, me) will have climbed out of her rabbit hole and read something new.

Food and books. What could be better?

See you tomorrow!

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