Hiking, Vancouver Island

Day 2: Enos Lake

Continuing on with our #30hikesin30days challenge, here is a snapshot of Day 2. This was actually a hike and a separate walk, back to back.

Walk 1:  Enos Lake, Nanoose Bay, BC
Distance:  8.37 km
Walking Time:  2 hrs
Walk 2:  Parksville Downtown Loop (to and from our home)
Distance:  5.82 km
Walking Time:  1.25 hours
Total Distance Walked:  14.19 km 

Enos Lake Trail, Nanoose Bay, BC
Enos Lake is a part of a series of trails privately owned by the Fairwinds Community. Use of the trails is open to the general public. Fishing and swimming are not allowed. Enos Lake is home to the rare and endangered Enos Lake Stickleback. Adjoining Fairwind trails include Enos Creek Loop, Enos Connector, Meadow Loop, Shallow Trail, Enchanted Forest, Andover Road Loop, Fox Run, Dolphin Lake Loop, Dave’s Lookout, Bonnington Connector, Fairwinds Connector and Notch Hill. 

Enos Lake Loop is rated as moderate. As seen on the map above, there are a few sharp inclines and descents. Although Richard would not be caught dead with hiking poles, I would not explore this loop without them.

These interconnecting paths boast picturesque lake views, ponds, meadows, wildflowers and rocky bluffs. They are home to numerous songbirds and wildlife. While we were there, another couple were out to try to catch their daily glimpse of one of the resident owls.

Although there are maps posted throughout the park, trail markers are limited. For the first time visitor, using an app like Alltrails, and snapping a photo of the entrance map as a backup, are highly recommended. Also, as this is a common hike for locals, asking a fellow hiker for directions when unsure is often your best bet.

We chose this shorter hike, as Richard and I had a Saturday morning date with our daughter-in-law and grandson in downtown Parksville. We left the trail, ditched our car (and hiking gear) at home, and added another 5.82 to our walk by arriving to our date on foot. Being reunited with this smiling face was totally worth the extra distance!

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Due to golf (you know whose), tomorrow will be another short and popular Parksville hike. Can you guess which one?

55 thoughts on “Day 2: Enos Lake”

  1. Good for you and Richard, again, Donna. I have never walked with hiking poles. I know you and other hikers swear by them. This time of year seems like a great time of year to hike. Although, I think we have access to good hiking all year round. I also hear how the Parksville park is one of the best one for children. All of the photos are beautiful. Real cuties in the last photo!


    1. HI, Erica – If there are going to be any steep climbs or descents involved, I always use my hiking poles. At bare minimum, they give me extra confidence. Early on, I invested in Black Diamond ultra-lightweight, foldable, carbon hiking poles. While being extra strong, they weigh next to nothing. They easily collapse to fit neatly inside (or outside) my backpack. Yes, it’s an absolute love-thing! Thanks so much for dropping by. See you Tuesday. 😀

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      1. I just now made a note of these poles. An issue for me is how I want to keep my hands free for taking photos. You seem to do both. Staying upright is also a priority. 😀Yes, Tuesday, Donna xx

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Hi, Erica – Black Diamond poles are incredibly light and flexible, making them easy to juggle when I want to take a photo (which is always). They are also easy to shove in my backpack, or side backpack pocket, when I no longer need them. You are welcome to give mine a try at our next hike!

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      3. I too swear by my Black Diamond poles. I broke 3 poles during our trek on the Bruce Trail. I was grateful for each one because it likely would have been a bone instead of the pole if I hadn’t had them.


  2. I love the All Trails App, and I also don’t use hiking poles, ha ha. But never say never. You are going to become such an expert on your area! You and your husband are never at a loss for adventure and educational experiences. I admire you both!

    Looking forward to the excitement and beauty of future episodes!

    Susan Grace


    1. Thanks, Susan – I have just begun using the Alltrails App. Seriously, where has it been all of my life?! Richard is with you on not using hiking poles. Without them, I would not have attempted several of the hikes that I have done. (Totally feel free to call me a chicken!) 😀

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  3. I love the AllTrails app and used it frequently in Ontario. Very useful on unfamiliar and poorly marked trails. I’m also a fan of hiking/walking poles, for rocky/hilly terrain. A must on Ontario’s Bruce Trail.

    Looks like another beautiful hike,



  4. Another lovely hike and the weather looks good. I liked the idea of taking a pic of the map at the entry point for a bit of help with finding your way – and loved the pic at the end – definitely worth all those extra km’s of walking!


    1. Thanks, Leeanne – The hug from our grandson was totally worth it! He even asked if he could hug us….or if we preferred for him to wait until after the ‘germ scare’. Seriously, how do four years old comprehend all of this stuff? BTW – We totally embraced that hug!


  5. Another beautiful area, Donna! You guys clipped through that 5 miles quickly! I like the idea of using the app and capturing the map. I did a small hike with the dogs up in the Sierra foothills yesterday, visiting my dad. Still pretty warm, but walking up and down hills is something to get used to again! If golf invades your plans I’m sure you will find a quick hike nearby.


    1. Thanks, Terri – Our apps only records the time that we were actually walking. It does not include time when we were standing still taking photos, drinking water or fumbling with our map. I’ll start to list both times so that it is not deceptive.
      I’m glad that you have been feeling well enough to hike, despite the heat. This is great to hear!
      Luckily, golf did not impede our plans at all. I am grateful that Richard is so easy-going. 😀

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  6. Hi Donna – no wonder you made a special effort – what a delight to see the three of you … so pleased you can get together. The walk and hike look stunning – love the maps and incline ones (can’t remember correct name!?!) … happy memories … take care and enjoy the golf – one of you! All the best – Hilary


    1. Hi, Hilary – Thank you for your kind words. It is only Day 3 and Richard and I are already grateful that we kept our hiking perameters flexible. This has allowed for us to say yes to other social invitations, while not sidetracking us from the challenge. Win-win!


  7. Thanks, Donna, for sharing another beautiful hike. I love your happy smiles in the photo at the end. Do you use Canva or WordPress Gallery for your photo collages? I have Canva free version and should play with it more often.


    1. Hi, Natalie – I am a regular Canva user, and used Canva for Day 1 collage. For Day 2 and 3, I got a bit lazy, and simply used WordPress collage. I am still on the Classic Editor (shameful, I know). I keep telling myself that I will switch soon….but soon never seems to come! 😀


      1. Thanks for letting me know, Donna. The gallery seems to work better in the Classic editor than the Block editor. I hope WordPress improves the gallery in the Block editor so I don’t have to switch to Classic editor or Canva.


    1. Hi, Liesbet – Thank you so much for following along. It has been busy, with a bit of juggling. But the benefits have been incredible…including sleeping like a log each night. Increased physical exertion can definitely contribute to improved sleep (as well as other good things). 😀

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    1. Hi, Janis – I agree with you about Vancouver Island…and about our Grandson. They are both gorgeous. No bias at all! 😀
      If you do decide to use hiking poles, I highly recommend to go as lightweight (yet durable) as possible, and foldable. That way, you can stash them in the side pocket of your backpack when you don’t need them (without weighing yourself down). 😀


  8. Great pics. How lovely and lucky you are to have such fabulous hikes so close to home. I did 30 walks in 30 days in May, but the furtherest was about 12,000 steps so I wouldn’t exactly call them intrepid hikes! At least it’s keeping us fit. Have fun 😊


  9. Now this is a trail network that I am very familiar with! 😉 I have hiking poles and use them on steep trails (like Notch Hill) but not on the Enos Lake Trails. They are tremendous at saving my knees both on the ascent and descent, and as a bonus, provide a little upper arm strengthening.



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