Hiking, Vancouver Island

Day 3: Rathtrevor Provincial Park

Trail: Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park
Total Distance Hiked: 10 km (5.78 Trail + 4.25 Walking Home)
Time: 2 hrs 6 m walking time (app), 2 hr 30 min total time (watch)
Difficulty: Very Easy

The Challenge Continues
When embarking on a hiking challenge with a partner, it’s imperative to have a teammate with a ‘can do’ spirit (or at least an “okay, but first you make the coffee” attitude). I’m grateful that the latter describes Richard perfectly. He had previously arranged an out-of-town golf game for today, which means he would need to leave home at 9 am sharp and not return until evening. For some, this would mean a wrinkle in their hiking challenge. For us, it simply meant an early start…and me definitely making the coffee!

We arrived at Rathtrevor Provincial Park (very close to our home) by 6:30 am. Although I’ve been to this trail numerous times, I’ve never been there quite so early. The serene morning views were absolutely stunning, and our stroll invigorating. We had completed our 5.7km/3.5 mi loop by 8:15 am. Once again, the following map is not perfect (our loop was a bit longer and extended to the beginning of Craig Bay), but you get the idea.

Screen Shot 2020-06-28 at 11.58.35 AM

Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park

Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park is a very popular walking spot for locals and tourists alike. It is a flat, incredibly scenic area, that easily lends itself to a variety of short and mid-length walks. Its adjoining campground is in high-demand all summer long.

This site was initially established by Irish homesteaders, William and Elizabeth Rath, in 1886. When William, a gold prospector, died in 1905, Elizabeth, and their five children, continued to run their farm, eventually operating it as a campground. The suffix ‘trevor’ was added to the family name to make it sound more lyrical. 1n 1967, Rathtrevor Campground officially became Rathtrevor Provincial Park (source).

Deer, raccoons, squirrels, otters, mink, eagles, osprey, hawks, vultures, owls, and many shore and migratory birds can be spotted in this area. Other than shorebirds, our only wildlife spotting today were frogs and numerous black and brown rabbits. Although we did not see him, we heard a very loud owl with lots to say!

By 8:15 am, Richard was back in the car, ready for a day of golf. To bring my morning hiking total up to 10 km, I walked home. Here are some views that I passed along the way.

We greatly appreciate your support in following along. Thank you for those who have suggested other Central Vancouver Island hikes. We look forward to giving them a try and welcome any further suggestons.








59 thoughts on “Day 3: Rathtrevor Provincial Park”

    1. Hi, Dawn – Thank you so much for dropping by. Richard and I both slept liked logs last night. My body is already beginning to feel as it did at the beginning of a Camino…even though our current hikes have been a bit shorter. I’ll keep you posted on how Richard feels after he gets back from golf. 😀


    1. Hi, Jill, Today has been our first completely sunny day in ages (no heavy cloud coverage and no rain). Still, our weather is only 69F (and was much cooler this morning), so today was perfect for hiking. I greatly support any kind of movement. Your treadmill sounds perfect — especially in high heat.I hope that you are well.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I have walked that park. My sister lives in Qualicum and I spent a lot of time growing up out there. Actually had our wedding reception just down the road at the old Parksville Lodge. It’s a lovely beach side spot.


      1. Lots of good walks around the Qualicum area. People will enjoy those hike posts.
        The blog isn’t private so I have no idea why you can’t get in.
        But it’s interesting to note that I can only get into yours via the email as it doesn’t come up in my reader file on word press

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hi, Bernie – That’s so strange that you can only access my blog by email. When I tried to resubscribe to your blog today, I received a notice that I was already subscribed. But I never receive an email notice, and the link that I had has not been working. Very strange!


  2. So nice to be able to follow along on your adventures from my couch! Cannot imagine having such a fabulous hike so close to home. What is the actual walk made of? Is it paved? Or small gravel? A lot of the problems with our hikes is that they are poorly marked and not very well cleared (never paved), so it is easy to slip, trip or get off the beaten path completely.


    1. Hi, Leslie – We are pretty spoiled with numerous, well-maintained hiking trails out this way. Rathtrevor Provincial Park has just gone through a full revitalization project so their trails are in top shape. Some are gravel, some are dirt. But they are fairly flat and highly accessible. Thank you so much for following along.


  3. What a beautiful spot Donna – love that it had lots of variety (and was flat – a big plus in my books!) Well done on getting up at the crack of dawn to fit it in before a busy golf morning for those who are keen enough to play!


  4. Beautiful, beautiful! Wonderful you were able to fit in the hike before golf. By the end of the summer, you will be in tip-top shape. I like how you were able to challenge yourself close to home.


  5. That man’s a keeper! One thing I love about early morning walking is the light – it’s so clear. I love the story of how trevor was added to make it sound more lyrical lol.


  6. Getting out and about walking so early in the morning is a wonderful thing to do, although I don’t often do it. You’ve reminded me that I should, although the weather has taken a turn for the worse here, so the views aren’t as pretty with due skies. Your photo’s are gorgeous Donna, as you know I love Canada, so seeing shots of your beautiful Vancouver Island is a tonic for sure 🙂


  7. Hi Donna – the header is gorgeous … as too the other pics – thank goodness for the lovely weather. I hope Richard’s bod holds up – enjoy the preparations for tomorrow!! Enjoy – Hilary


  8. Hi Donna, I’d wake up early for a beautiful and easy to walk place like Rathtrevor Beach Park. Having home made coffee to go is a great idea! I think you and Richard took me to to this park when I was in Parksville last September. It was a rainy weekend so we didn’t get to go far but I remember how close it was to your place. Thanks for sharing your walk and photos.


    1. Thanks, Natalie – You have a good memory! Richard and I did take you to Rathtrevor Beach (although we started at a difference entrance). It was unfortunate about the rain. It truly is a lovely area. Thank you for following along!


  9. Hi, Donna, We’ve been on the move so I’m just catching up on both hikes. I love your energy and I also love the Banner photo for this post. Happy hiking…now I have to find out what a Stickleback is. Joe


    1. Hi, Joe – Stickleback fish are characterised by strong and clearly isolated spines in their dorsal fins. They are carnivorous, feeding on small animals such as insects, crustaceans and fish larvae. Now, that’s probably more than you wanted to know! 😀
      Enjoy your travels and please continue to keep us posted!

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  10. That’s an early start! It might have been painful to get out of bed this early, but I’m sure it made the hike special. So nice of Richard to still be game on a day he planned a golf excursion! And, you had an entire day still after the walk. 🙂


  11. Gorgeous photo at the top of the article! I love Rathtrevor Beach. I remember coming to the Island and camping there as a child with my parents, and then later as a young mom with a baby. And now I live nearby so I can enjoy it often.



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