Hiking, Vancouver Island

Day 8: Parksville Community Park, Boardwalk and Low-Tide Loop

Distance Walked: 9.2 km (total return distance from our home)
Central Park & Area Loop: 5.2 km (as shown)
Walking Time: 2 hrs
Rating: Very Easy

This is a walk that Richard and I have done (with minor variations) literally hundreds of times. During the first three months of COVID sheltering, we walked this route every single morning. The views never get old. Today, I recorded our path via Alltrails. Don’t you love how it looks like we were walking on water? I adore low-tide!

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As we frequently do, this morning we packed our coffees and breakfast sandwiches to enjoy on the beach. As soon as we hit the boardwalk, we were able to walk quite close to an eagle (cover photo) as he calmly surveyed his domain. He did not seem to be remotely bothered by our proximity.

Parksville History:

You’d think that Parksville was named for all of its beautiful parks and greenspaces. Although Parksville has more than its fair share of the latter, it was actually named for Nelson Parks. Nelson had a small shack near what is now known as Community Park. At a social gathering at his home, seeing most townfolks present, he commented that the settlement should be called “Parksville.” The name stuck.

Parksville Community Park and Boardwalk:

Established in 1963, Community Park is a central gathering spot for activities, events and festivals. It attracks children, adults, locals and tourists alike. In 2010, a 445-meter accessible boardwalk was added to the 39 acres of this site. The boardwalk is well used by dog-walkers, joggers, families, cyclists, those out for a casual stroll and ocean-lovers of all types.

Community Park houses a playground, splash park, sports field, ball diamonds, tennis courts, lacrosse box, eight horseshoe pits, a kite field, a picnic shelter, a skateboard park, two tennis courts, several large sand volleyball courts and a labyrinth. It also has an arboretum with over 80 different kinds of trees from around the world.

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Our Experience:

I’ve been trying to put into words what I love most about this particular walking route. Not feeling overly articulate this morning, I will turn the question over to you. What’ s not to love?!











47 thoughts on “Day 8: Parksville Community Park, Boardwalk and Low-Tide Loop”

  1. I see what you mean by walking on water, Donna. You know I think you are wonderful, although walking on water?! 🙂 An eagle who sits and poses for a photo, another great find. I am enjoying your fun posts! xx


    1. Hi, Erica – Your comment made me smile. This will be as close to walking on water as I ever come. But I did love how Alltrails mapped our route.
      Thank you for your kind words and enthusiastic support of this project. I meant to pm this appreciation to you today, so am taking the opportunity to write it here! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This sounds like an amazing community space. I’d be there for the trees. We have a pair of kites (like eagles) that nest high up on a telegraph pole that the fisheries department set up especially for them at Mooloolaba. Every morning I say hello as we walk by…


  3. I agree Donna, what’s not to like! This morning I took part in a SHW class in a beautiful green space in Brisbane suburbs. It was lovely exercising in nature and I commented to some of the ladies how lucky we are to have so many green areas even in suburbia, to enjoy keeping active, spending time with family and children having fun in the play areas. Thanks for another hike! xx


    1. Thanks, Miriam – Just like all great hikes, our Waterfront Walkway views change daily…and even moment to moment. One morning sealions can steal the show, the next it’s brant geese. Today it was a bald eagle. It truly is incredible.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Donna,
    Incredible scenery both here and at the Fish Hatchery. Thanks for taking us along. BTW, do you have hiking boots that you recommend? Helen needs a good pair. Looking forward to tomorrow and the next hike. Joe


  5. Hi Donna – yes I agree … love the low tide and different perspective of the sea … we can walk here, but sometimes people get cut off … yours looks a safe walk and one you obviously enjoy … great park – all the best – Hilary


  6. Hi Donna, A place I recognize and can say I’ve been there 🙂 Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos. The low tide and the eagle are special treats.


  7. I love Parksville Community Park! It is the jewel of Parksville. My grandsons love the playground there, and the sandcastle competition is an annual summer highlight (although not this year, of course).



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