Hiking, Vancouver Island

Day 9: Nile Creek Trail, Qualicum

Distance Hiked: 13 km
Total Time on Hike: 5 hrs 30 min
Trail Rating: Moderate (with definite tricky bits)

Getting There:  Nile Creek Trail offers two main access points. We entered via Charleston Road, off of Highway 19A. That allows for a full 11+ km hike to the falls. If wanting to shorten this trek, you could enter off of Highway 19 (roadside parking only).

Screen Shot 2020-07-04 at 6.10.06 PM

For today’s hike, our friend, Louise, joined us. It was great to have her company and her perspective. On the way to this hike, we once again experienced a traffic jam.

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You’ve gotta love Vancouver Island!

Nile Creek Trail is a beautiful forested hike. It includes much natural debris along its paths. There are several muddy areas, numerous downed trees used for water crossings, rope bridges and much up and down. This trail may not be the best fit for the timid hiker, or those with mobility or balance difficulties. That being said, it is a lush and stunning trail with five gorgeous waterfalls. It is definitely worth the challenges that it presents.

Nle Creek

Hiking boots and poles are recommended…as is plenty of water and a significant snack. Give yourself ample time to complete the full 11 – 13 km. You’ll want to linger!

Imports - Louise, Richard
Special thanks to today’s hiking team.

See you on the trail again tomorrow.

35 thoughts on “Day 9: Nile Creek Trail, Qualicum”

  1. Hello, Donna,
    All that beauty and a peacock? You’re living large and we love it. Great pictures! 13km is no small hike on top of the hikes already taken. You and Richard should treat yourselves to something special and celebrate a successful first week. Joe


    1. Hi, Leanne – I just read the book summary for Phosphorescence. “We know that being kind and altruistic makes us happy, that turning off devices, talking to people, forging relationships, living with meaning and delving into the concerns of others offer our best chance at achieving happiness.” But why do we often find this so hard to do? I look forward to your post on this topic!


  2. Hi Donna, I like deer or peacock traffic jam. The waterfalls are stunning, and there were five? What a treat! Well done completing this hike on Day 9 of your challenge.


  3. Donna, The photos are breathtaking! They help make the post extra special. Just sayin’ 🙂

    Very funny on the peacock issues. For some reason they have been more of a challenge recently. I don’t know whether COVID has anything to do with it. Wandering about, all willy nilly 🙂“…worth the challenges…says a great deal. Obviously, some of the challenges are not apparent unless you are already hiking the trail. A fun and interesting post!


  4. I think I’d struggle with this one – my balance is really not good and having to balance or step onto rocks scares me & I freeze up (I know, I’m such a wimp). The truth is I don’t trust my body to hold me upright in those circumstances.


    1. Hi, Jo – I knew that we were kindred spirits! While I think my balance is okay,I never trust myself to put my feet exactly where they need to go–especially in tight spaces like these. Truth be told, there was some under-my-breath cursing. But the waterfalls were totally worth it. My hiking poles helped a great deal.

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