Hiking, Vancouver Island

Day 10: Lantzville Lookout Loop

Trail: Lantzville Lookout Loop (Part of the Copley Ridge Recreational Trail)
Distance Hiked: 8 km (we added side trails to the main loop)
Total Time: 3.5 hrs (including picnic lunch)
Trail Rating: Moderate (with steep climbs)
Main Loop: 5.6 km, Climb 373 m, Descent -371m, High Point: 405m, Low Point: 127m
Starting Point: End of Lorenzen Lane, Lantzville

The Lookouts
Copley Ridge Trail offers two separate lookouts. It does make you work for them with steep, rocky climbs. But, for your efforts, you not only increase your length strength and heart health, you are also awarded with breathtaking views. From these vantage points, you overlook Lantzville, Nanoose Bay, Parksville and Nanaimo. On a clear, sunny day, Mt. Morariety and Mt. Arrowsmith are in full, glorious display. I can’t think of a better place for a picnic lunch. And that climb I mentioned? It helps ensure a lack of crowds, especially early on a Sunday morning!

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The Trail
Copley Ridge Recreational Trail follows the original logging road built by George Copley. Copley began logging on his farm during World War 1. In 1951, he was granted the first Farm Woodlot Licence issued in BC. Today, this 244-hectare working forest is managed for the sustainable production of wood, as well as ecological and community resources. (You can read more here.)

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With minimal signage (most handmade), our Alltrails map proved, once again, to be invaluable.

Vegetation and Wildlife
The trail is surrounded by mature second-growth Douglas firs, western red cedars, big leaf maples, arbutus, sword ferns, trilliums, salal and Oregon grapes amongst other trees and vegetation. Black bears, cougar, wandering salamanders, wild cutthroat trout and a variety of birds and wildlife call this forest home.

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Today’s Welcome Sign at the beginning of the trail.

Our Experience:

If you are in the area and don’t mind a climb, I can’t recommend this trail highly enough. And to make a perfect day even more perfect, we ended at a neighbourhood street concert given by local band, Bandelicious. They were awesome…and it was there first ever public concert. I look forward to more!

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25 thoughts on “Day 10: Lantzville Lookout Loop”

  1. You made me smile, Donna, “It does make you work for them….”. Coming from you and Richard, I know it must be a challenge. The breathtaking views are definitely the reward. I love the name “Bandelicious”. Another reward. Sounds like a perfect morning.


  2. Steep and rocky…two words that would have me reaching for the poles & have me looking for a lung halfway up. That’s the thing with views, you do have to work for them.


  3. Not a fan of those steep climbs – but you don’t get the reward without the effort – and the views look amazing. Also loved the band at the end to serenade you x


  4. Hi Donna – stunning views and no wonder it’s a place you love to spend a few hours at … with a picnic and some peace. Your band sounds perfect … a great way to end the day – lots more I expect … take care – Hilary


  5. O golly, Mother Nature is so beautiful! Thanks Donna for these outstanding pics. I can imagine seeing the views as if for the first time each time. And the hike though strenuous clearly has its benefits! Have a great week as you put one foot in front of the other. I’m hoping that my husband will venture out more post operatively – he keeps on talking about how he wants to explore more and more, but so far it’s just talk…


  6. Oooosh unsure my comment went through – please delete this one from your side if it did. But just to say that Mother Nature never fails to reward; those are simply beautiful photos thank you for sharing them. Have a great week Donna as you and Richard put one foot in front of the other 🙂


  7. I thought there may be a bear sighting! I’m not sure if they are aggressive in your area. We get the occasional black bear here but usually it’s a juvenile looking for food. Sounds like a great hike with a little more work than your last ones.


  8. Thanks so much, Dawn. That’s the best part of this challenge. It’s taking us to new hikes that we otherwise may not have ventured.
    I haven’t received a post from you lately. I’m off to check to your site to see if the emails simply did not come through.


  9. My son used to hike the Lantzville lookout trail often when he lived on the Island. Of course, being young and fit, he ran up it. Thus far, I have declined to do it because of the steep climb, but, maybe someday…. As for bears and cougars, we saw a bear on the Parksville to Coombs rail trail last year, and my son saw a cougar in the Enos Lake trails two years ago. So they are here; one needs to be alert.



  10. Hi, Jude – I absolutely ❤ 'd the Lantzville Lookout. It was a bit of a climb — but the view was totally worth it. When we were there, we saw a young man run up and back down the hill with his two dogs. Ah, the power of youth! 😀


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