Hiking, Vancouver Island

Day 11: Nanaimo Waterfront Walkway

Distance Walked: 7.2 km (Trail length is 4.5 km. Again we added extra loops.)
Time Spent Walking: 2 hrs
Trail Rating: Easy

Nanaimo Waterfront:
The current 4.5 km Nanaimo Waterfront Walkway is a multi-use path that extends along the Newcastle Channel and downtown waterfront. It has been developed and refined over the past 30 years. This first-class trail is an excellent example of what can be achieved when government, businesses, communities and individuals work together.  A strategic plan is currently in place to extend this walkway an extra 8 km, and to further link this path to existing Nanaimo trails. You can read more about this vision and planning here.

Something for Everyone:
This highly scenic, fully accessible path truly offers something for everyone. After 10-days straight of various hikes, it was precisely the relaxed trail that we needed. As a bonus, marinas, shipyards, fishing docks, parks, sculptures, gardens, coffee shops, restaurant patios and funky boutiques line much of the trail. Let me show you in pictures.

Surfaces (Walkway and Docks):

A Feast for the Eyes Around Every Corner:

I swear that I could walk this trail every day forever and see something new each time. Today the ‘fried egg plant‘ especially caught my eye. Truly, there was a visual (and gastronomical) delight around every corner. If you live in this area, don’t miss exploring this walkway. Better yet, take me with you. I already wish to return!







38 thoughts on “Day 11: Nanaimo Waterfront Walkway”

  1. Sounds like a perfect hike after some strenuous days for you and Richard. Fun photos. Like you say, a feast for the eyes. I did click on “Fried egg plant” and I was surprised what I found. Obviously, not your lunch 🙂


  2. I got a taste of the Nanaimo waterfront last October when I was an island visitor and it was delicious. Now I am a resident and finally “moved in” enough to explore in earnest. Give me a shout, girl, and we’ll do this!



  3. Clearly a different kind of hike but enjoyable in a different way! A great example of govt., municipal, businesses, communities having a common plan and workIng towards it. Thanks Donna 🌺


    1. Thanks, Susan – We are trying to mix up types of hikes/walks, as well as length and difficulty. So many of our local trails are stunning examples of the collaborative work that has made them happen. I never want to take this for granted. I greatly appreciate you following along.

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  4. Hi Donna – Vancouver Island really has grasped the mettle with developing and using those early trails established by the pioneers and brought them up to the 21st century. Love the fish sculpture as too the fried egg plants … thanks – Hilary


    1. Thanks, Jill – We are trying to walk an average of 10 km a day. Sometimes we do a bit more, othertimes a bit less. It depends on the trail…and on what else we have on that day. In hindsight, it would have been much easier to do this challenge when all other activities and social events were closed. Live and learn! 😀

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  5. This looks like a fun place walkway, very entertaining. I’m glad you got a chance to explore it. Do you think you’ll get back there now that you’ve experienced it as part of your 30 day challenge?


    1. Thanks, Sue – One of my goals for this series was to highlight the vast array of different walking routes and trails available in my area. The other goal was to ensure that I could continue to live my life while hiking and blogging. There are days when that’s a tricky balance! 😀


  6. The Nanaimo harbour walk is amazing. The last time we we there, we saw five otters having their dinner. Bonus: there’s a great ice cream store right at the beginning of the walk (or I suppose you could save it for the reward at the end).



  7. Hi, Jude – I saw that ice-cream shop both times that I was there, but opted for coffee each time. I seriously need to review my priorities, I know! 😀
    BTW – I would have LOVED to watch otters eating their dinner.


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