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Day 5: San Gimignano to Gracciano

Distance Walked: 20 km, 6 hours (including breaks) Accommodations: Gracciano Parrocchia, San Marziale 1, 53034 Gracciano D'Elsa , 6 beds. Very basic. Cost: Donation. Tel.3297465518 - feaesi@gmail.com  When preparing for this trip, one of my worries was needing to speak Italian, on the phone, without assistance. That opportunity came last night when I called ahead to… Continue reading Day 5: San Gimignano to Gracciano

Hiking, Via Francigena

Day 4: Gambassi Terme to San Gimignano

San Gimignano: Often referred to as the "town of fine towers", San Gimignano is famous for its medieval architecture and the unique preservation of its tower houses. It is also well known for its saffron and its white wine. The Historic Centre of San Gimignano is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Sights: The Duomo of San… Continue reading Day 4: Gambassi Terme to San Gimignano

Hiking, Via Francigena

Day 3: San Miniato Basso to Gambassi Terme

Gambassi Terme is located on a (very) hilly ridge 35 km from Florence. Its mixture of natural beauty, historical buildings, visible pieces of the past (as well as its location on the VF) make it a very worthwhile place to visit. Sights: Pieve of Saint Maria Permanent Glass Exhibition Via Francigena Spa Distance Walked:  27.5… Continue reading Day 3: San Miniato Basso to Gambassi Terme

Hiking, Via Francigena

Day 2: Galleno to San Miniato Basso

Although we enjoyed yesterday’s walk, today’s hike reminded us about what we love most about the Camino. The scenery was lush and peaceful, and changed frequently. The majority of this hike was far away from traffic (and other people) making it incredibly meditative. All along today’s trail were Information Signs (as in the Feature Photo)… Continue reading Day 2: Galleno to San Miniato Basso

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Our Via Francigena Base Camp: Pisa

After more planes and trains (and a PisaMover) we left Lincoln and began our Italian adventure. The Via Francigena is now so close that my legs have begun to ache in anticipation! PISA Despite the stern warning from our guidebook, we visited the Leaning Tower of Pisa in the morning, without purchasing advanced tickets. Although… Continue reading Our Via Francigena Base Camp: Pisa

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Practice Hikes

Richard and I are on the countdown until we begin our whirlwind family and friend tour (Victoria, BC, Kelowna, BC and Lincoln, UK) and then onto our 400 km trek across Tuscany into Rome.  To prepare, we have been packing, unpacking, repacking and adjusting our backpacks trying to make miracles happen. We have also been… Continue reading Practice Hikes

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Language Lessons

Richard and I are currently taking Italian lessons in preparation for our upcoming hiking trip in Italy. Blame it on too many traumatic high school French classes...but Richard did need to be gently coaxed (read here: DRAGGED kicking and screaming) to join me in this course. Despite this initial setback, we are enjoying our studies,… Continue reading Language Lessons