Cheater, Cheater, Turkey Eater!

October 10 was our Canadian Thanksgiving. This day fills me with enormous gratitude...and immense fear. Although I enjoy cooking and feel at home in a kitchen, I dread preparing the dishes that traditionally make up this meal. Every. Single. One! Don't get me wrong. I love eating a festive turkey dinner. I just don't like… Continue reading Cheater, Cheater, Turkey Eater!

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What’s (Typically) On My Plate

For last month's WOYP, I showcased a variety of the meals and snacks that we had eaten while in Banff and surrounding area. If you caught that post, it brightly displayed heavily cheesed pizzas (yup, more than one), a variety of meat dishes and a very decadent marshmallow donut (that honestly was Creighton's). Not to… Continue reading What’s (Typically) On My Plate

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Chatelaine’s 30 Days of Delicious, Dinner-in-a-Bowl Salads

So, I ran into the store to get tomatoes, and I came out with this magazine. It's been quite a while since I bought a magazine on impulse. But dang, those salads looked amazing! And there were 30 of them, each with their own glossy, food porn, full-page photo. It was difficult deciding where to… Continue reading Chatelaine’s 30 Days of Delicious, Dinner-in-a-Bowl Salads