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[ faw-luhn ] (1)Verb, past participle of fall.(2)Adjective• Succumb; Propelled into a new place, state or position. Fallen AsleepMilner Gardens, Parksville, BC Fallen Prey To...Outside our Living Room Window, Vancouver Island, BC. Fallen for their Tricks (as they tried to steal bites of our sandwiches)Strathcona Park, BC Fallen Apart at the SeamsMt. Washington Alpiine Village, BC Fallen… Continue reading Fallen

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#SundayStills: Parallel Landscapes

This past January 5, I began walking the 299.4 km Cabot Trail in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Ironically, I didn't give this challenge much thought before starting. I just kind of jumped right in. (I know, who is this and what have I done with Donna-the-planner?!) Below are a few postcards that I somehow managed… Continue reading #SundayStills: Parallel Landscapes

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Sunday Stills: I’ve Looked at Clouds that Way

How do you view clouds? Are they the main event? Craig Bay, Parksville, Vancouver Island, BC. Or are they in the background as surround sound? Qualicum Beach Airport, Vancouver Island, BC. Do they upstage a more interesting story? Coombs Trail, Vancouver Island, BC Or are they far more subtle? Quadra Island, BC Let's ask Joni.… Continue reading Sunday Stills: I’ve Looked at Clouds that Way

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Desperately Seeking Glacier Blue

This week, at #SundayStills, a colour challenge was posed: "Find and photograph glacier blue."According to, glacier blue "reminds you of deep, arctic waters. Unlike warm, turquoise waters at tropical beaches, this blue water is light but looks cold. You could almost imagine the chunks of ice floating in it. This cool, greyish blue has… Continue reading Desperately Seeking Glacier Blue

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Sunday Stills – My Year in Review

After years of following Terri Webster Schrandt's 'Sunday Stills,' I am finally participating! Sunday Stills is a photography/art challenge with a weekly theme. Everyone is welcome to join in and interpret the challenge with their photos, poems, stories, music, or artwork. This week's focus is 'retrospective,' which is a perfect way to reflect upon this… Continue reading Sunday Stills – My Year in Review

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The Doors of Mazatlán

Our visit to Mazatlán, Mexico has been relaxing, rejuvenating and thought-provoking. This trip came with many bonuses, including providing me with rich material to participate in #ThursdayDoors. Here is a small sample of the endless variety of eye-catching entranceways we passed during our daily wanderings. The architecture in Mazatlán’s historic district (Centro Historico) displays a… Continue reading The Doors of Mazatlán

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We Are The World Blogfest: Broombusters

I had no idea what I would write (or if I would write) for this month's contribution to 'We Are the World Blogfest.' But...when Richard showed me the following article in our local paper, I knew that it was a topic that I wanted to share. (Click on the link to read the full article...and… Continue reading We Are The World Blogfest: Broombusters

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Reflection: Surviving the A to Z Challenge

All participants of the #atozchallenge have been asked to write a reflection on their experience. Here's mine. Top Ten Lessons from the A to Z Challenge   In many ways, taking part in the A to Z Challenge was like walking the Camino Trail. You leave the journey in touch with a different aspect of… Continue reading Reflection: Surviving the A to Z Challenge